“The day I was born I was born free and that is my Privilege.”

In my Shinto-Buddhism, thou art the Nirvana!

Finally, I had watched Incubus’s Look Alive concert video! I was smiling the whole while I was seeing it.  I love it infinitely!!

I must say how lovely (say it British) CyberLink DVD player in my brother’s laptop is.  It has a capture video snapshot function and there I had almost 500 Incubus’s panoramas.  All of them I adore!

Here are some of my most, most favorites — to blink is to betray:






From percussion to string



Unnamed specie

Sunset Boulevard

Soliloquy:  To be or not to be.

Prague: Czech it out!

Grit to greet

A voice







Enough for I fear I may upload hundreds of photos here. 😀


Could you move in slow motion?
Everything goes by so fast
Just slow down a little
Save the best part for last

You speak in riddles
Your intentions turn me on
I’m your’s forever
Will you love me when I’m gone?

When I’m gone!

When I’m gone,
You’re an unfenced fire!
(When I’m gone,)
Over walls we’ve trampled!
(When I’m gone,)
It’s you I admire!
(When I’m gone,)
My living example…

Your eyes are an undiscovered ocean far away
Any minute now keeping
Both poets and priests at bay
Don’t get ahead of me
Could we just this once see eye to eye?
Could you want perhaps me?
Ask me how it feels to vie

To vie!

You’re an unfenced fire! (to vie)
Over walls we trampled! (to vie)
It’s you I admire! (to vie)
My living example…

It’s a photograph discovered a decade after
It’s a cannon blast disguised as a firecracker
It’s enough to bring a brick wall to its knees
And sing, please

Could you move in slow motion?
Everything goes by so fast
Just slow down a little
Save the best part for last.

I absorb thy “ectoplasm.”
September 20, 2008, 12:26 am
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Photos from his private art studio.  One entry to add to my list of things to do before I die; that is, to be in one of his art exhibits and own at least one of his artworks.

It’s how he says “Welcome, guests, to my art abode.”

And then if a lucky aficionado like I would be one of them guests of his, I will say, “Thank you!  Can I hug you then?” 😀

“Can I lean on thy shoulders while you’re thinking what to paint?”

“Lemonade, dearie, you want?” 

 Just thinking of him saying Robin Padilla’s lines to his heroine in the film Maging Sino Ka Man. 

Taas na nga mga kamay ko sa’yo eh.”  Tapos ako kausap niya, kunwari

What can I say but to sing “Mahal kita, basta’t mahal kita.” Wahahaha! 😀

Hat and sketchbook

 I am your inspiration, admit it! (I dream a dream and I see the angels fly!) 😀


Can I have you, please? I mean, can I have either the bunny or the kermit? You choose for me! 😀

The band is on hiatus for a year.  Mike enrolled in Harvard to study music and music history while Charles up above decided to take an art course in LA last July.

Here is an article about their back-to-school endeavour: 

“Summer vacation is almost over for two members of Incubus.

With their band enjoying a year on hiatus, singer Brandon Boyd has enrolled at a Los Angeles-area art college for the fall term, while guitarist Mike Einziger heads to Harvard.

“[I’m going] back to school, to prove to Dad that I’m not a fool,” Boyd, 32, tells PEOPLE, borrowing a line from the Adam Sandler comedy Billy Madison, about a man in his 30s who returns to the classroom.

Why now? “I never really had the time in the past 12 years,” says Boyd. “I actually left the beginnings of art school to go on tour.”

As for Einziger, 32, he was looking for a challenge. “It will be the first time in my whole life that I’ve ever gone to school because I wanted to go. I’ll appreciate it a lot more than I ever did as a kid,” says the guitarist, who spent the last year writing his first orchestral composition, which will be performed in Los Angeles next month.

Einziger will study music and science. Boyd will focus on painting and sculpture. Although Boyd’s artwork has appeared in Incubus videos and he has published two art books, the singer says he has “a need to humble myself in the presence of other artists who are younger, better and hungrier than I am. I think it will do good things for my ego.”

The musicians don’t, however, plan to partake in the non-academic side of the college experience. “If I was the old guy trolling for freshman on campus, that would be really weird,” laughs Boyd. “I’m probably not going to be experiencing too much of that.”

Incubus performs on the VH1 Rock Honors tribute to The Who, which airs Thursday, July 17 at 9 p.m. ” 

Words are by Scott Huver and the source is www.zimbio.com

Now, when it rains, it would rain cats and dogs, elephant and ants, and tamaraws and tarsiers and pilandoks and the extinct fish species of Laguna Lake.
August 23, 2008, 7:49 am
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I watched mi amore Brandon Boyd accept together with his bandmate/best buddy Mike Einzeger their Environmental Media Associations “Missions in Music Award” for promoting environmental causes through their Incubus music. Then I shifted to Al Gore‘s Congress speech about Global Warming, then to GMA7’s Signos:Banta ng Nagbabagong Klima documentary, which I haven’t watched yet because of its late-night airing.

In 2 of 7, 8:00 of 10:23, it reflects a big part of the Filipino culture, to wit, religious ideology, mainly that of Catholicism, Juan dela Cruz’s Excalibur against global warming.

I am King Lear’s folly.

Wishing I have his two books: White Fluffy Clouds and From the Murks of the Sultry Abyss.

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Aficionado Post
June 1, 2008, 9:33 am
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Planning to take hold again of my brother’s guitar, which I quit playing after Eraserhead’s Huwag Mo Nang Itanong sounds monotonous when I strum it, I went to his room to get the instrument. In there, I found the guitar hanging on the wall, acting like a Van Gogh painting. I grabbed the instrument, laid it on my brother’s bed and started looking for those old song mag we have.

I found myself looking at a Music Channel song mag … where music speaks your language!…, which I bought, as far as I remember, because its cover is the Irish pop act discovered by Ronan Keating called Westlife. Yeah, I was a sponge during my high school days, liking what my girlfriends like, not having a concept of what Music really means.

And kudos to my enlightenment!

Now, I eyed the unread article:

“Two years and two million records after the release of “Make Yourself,” we Incubus were hell-bent on the idea of making our next record in an environment that would transcend the confinement and potential banality of the conventional recording process. We needed to continue moving forward with the ideas and adventurousness, which sparked this project into flame so many years ago. Escape that creepy, dentist’s office vibe which seems to permeate every recording studio, and most importantly reinvent the concept of the ‘Studio Tan.’

So, in keeping with those philosophies, we all moved into a magnificent Malibu mansion, set up our gear in the living room what was used here and it was donated by a very generous and talented man by the name of Steve Vai. One late evening, we began conjuring and experimenting with this track and it quickly brought to mind the image and analogy of floating freely down a river; hence the content of the song. Our friend Suzi Katayama, who has in the past worked string arrangements with the likes of Bjork, Madonna and even yours truly for an acoustic performance in L.A., lent her classical finesse to this story. And in doing so helped it become exactly what we envisioned — a song so atmospheric and vibratory, it would make those who listened to it doze off into a land of rivers, kung fu, unicorns, eventually making the listener pee in his/her pants. (Attainable goals I think, but please don’t operate any heavy machinery while listening to this one.)

These are but a few of the songs on a very diverse record. And though they will give a pretty good indication of the climate of this work, I would encourage listening to the entire album preferably while driving down your friendly, neighborhood highway (minus the last song.)

I am sure that we are all aware of how ridiculous the idea of a band biography really is especially one about a band who has accomplished very little in retrosepct. The word in itself, biography, invokes the thought of self importance, large unnecessary adjectives and an 8 by 10 picture showing you all how vain we really are. But it is a necessary evil, for now. And if it in any way, large or small, allows us more time and resource to continue pursuing our idea of eccentricity and tracenDANCE, then I am willing to bend a little. So if you have any questions regarding theraphy, Pirate-Core, tour bus full contact grappling, plastic surgery, who slept with those girlfriend and/or any other inquiries, please don’t hesitate to refer to our website board, where every rumor you hear, read, and/or come up with all by yourself is 100 percent true.”



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Mi Ideal
November 30, 2007, 9:36 am
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His mind captivates me that I devour his words. There is he with his bandmates, through their Music, fearlessly describing the world we live in with all the human flaws and encouraging everyone to think differently, that is, if you want change.

I share his idea of multiple or varied interpretation. Maybe that’s the primary reason why I like him, second is his naked torso (just kidding).

I thought of having a man akin to him, especially the one with his level of thinking, but I realized with this standard, it will take me eons to meet such a man.

And now, let his words be known.

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