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Lakad Maynila
October 10, 2009, 1:48 pm
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In celebration of my 24 years of existence and Sam’s 25th, we toured the city named Manila.

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Going back to the olden times.  Exploring the Intramuros and the Extramuros.


Rode the kalesa.  I asked the not-so friendly kutsero a few questions.

Correspondent: Ilang taon na po kayo sa trabahong ito?

Not-so friendly kutsero: Thirty years na din.

Correspondent: Tagal na din pala.  Anu pong pangalan nung kabayo nio?

Not-so friendly kutsero: Richard.

Correspondent: Anna? Richard daw.  Nagpaalam ka ba ng maayos kase?

Bananay: (Tawa na lang ng tawa. Di na makausap ng maayos.)

Visited the Rizal Shrine.  I enjoyed going through every room of this museum. As far as I remember, the last time I have been to this place was when I was in my 6th year in elementary.  It’s a free trip given to those students who aced the periodicals.  Maybe that should explain the affinity to this place.

Philipine history is my best subject. I still remember my grade 5 teacher patiently writing facts about the life of Rizal on the board, information lacking in our textbook.  She said she was giving us facts that a first year high school student should know. That excited me really.  I was supposed to join the inter-school History Quiz Bee, but luck failed to come to me at that time, I was instead transferred to a group of students to represent our school in a Math Quiz Bee.

In Rizal Shrine, I particularly like the empty room adorned only by the writings on the wooden floor.


Lunchtime, we headed to Manila’s Chinatown to eat.  We dined at Mandarin’s Seafood Restaurant.  We were so full.  There is enough food for an army of 12.



The infamous Quiapo (DVD), according to GoogleMaps.

IMG_1555 [Desktop Resolution]

While waiting for the train at Carriedo Station

IMG_1574 [Desktop Resolution]

Girl talk at MOA Bayside


It’s a tiring yet fun day.

I should go back to Binondo for another food trip and to buy me a traveler souvenir bracelet.

Aroi Mak!
September 1, 2009, 3:40 pm
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This is a visit to Khao Pad, formerly known as the U.P. Thai Canteen, located near Home Depot at Julia Vargas Avenue in Ortigas, our first food place to set foot on in a gastronomic journey throughout the metro.

Pad Thai.  It’s difficult, almost a torture, to write about food this good.


Khao Pad.  As opposed to what the ordertaker says, one serving is good enough for two persons.


One reason that I should go back, I think, to Khao Pad is their chicken pandan. Its every bite is flavorful.


Thai Noodles.  If served with chili while hot —  I haven’t done this as my empty stomach

prevented me from thinking straight — I think it will be delicious.


This is where my journey as a food traveler begins.  Dream on, lady! Haha.


Restaurant interiors


We never got a photo taken with Mommy Thai, the store owner.  I had a chance to talk to her,  say that the food they offer is delicious, but what brilliance, I never thought of having a panoramic moment with her.  Oh, there’s always a next time.

The complete story about dining at Khao Pad I shall post soon, hopefully on a separate food blog.

All photos by Kat Paulino