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Cheese Allergy — Kaya ‘di daw pala ako cheesy!
October 10, 2009, 4:23 pm
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I had yet my worst allergic attack yesterday. A friend had a treat of a bilao of spaghetti, rice cakes, and bottles of soda, and we decided to bring the food at a nearby park to eat. Hungry, I forgot that spaghetti can be topped with cheese or the cheese can be included in the cooking of its sauce. Cheese, the one food that I am allergic to. I had allergy to chicken, egg, shrimp and, I think, crabs too before, but it cured for some reason, which I am thankful for.

After eating two platefuls, I even commended that it was delicious, that it had some distinct taste. And now I am thinking that the cheese can explain its peculiarity, which after a few minutes caused me flushing of skin which then turned to skin inflammation, light headache, heart palpitation, and nausea.

Luckily, my friends are there to accompany me. I dragged one to walk with me to buy my medication at the nearest pharmacy. I take Zyrtec whenever I have a cheese allergy attack, and it always costs me almost 40 pesos to buy a small tablet. I sat on a bench with two friends, the other keeping me awake with his stories while I am making a pillow out of a shoulder of the other. As I am nauseous, two girlfriends were guiding me on my two arms, walking me to the terminal, one of them even getting me home. Honestly, I am embarrassed having seen by my friends in such state, but I cannot do nothing but to take my medication and wait till the swelling subsides.

On Hitch, a Will Smith film, there is a scene where the man ate dinner at the woman’s house. The food prepared contains shellfish which he is allergic to. Too ashamed to explain of his allergy to the woman’s mistress, he humbly ate the shellfish, if my memory serves me right. A few bites then caused his face to swell severely. That is what I remembered when I had my attack last night.  It’s an ugly facial distortion. I was not recognizable.

In an article that I read it says that what I have is called food intolerance, allergic not to milk but to its by-product, one of which is cheese. It is still unknown to me what cheese is a foe, but as far as I know, cheddar is still good for me, particularly Kraft, and other cheeses taken in small servings I am still able to eat. You could mock me if I should say that I am depressed a bit thinking that I have a food restriction. I could not eat anything with cheese. Even if I will reason out that I can still eat baked macaroni, mussels, and oyters, that Zyrtec will help me through another allergic reaction, but I had heart palpitation, difficulty breathing, and nausea last night, symptoms that I haven’t experienced in my previous attacks and which kind of scares me.

No, this couldn’t be happening.

Lakad Maynila
October 10, 2009, 1:48 pm
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In celebration of my 24 years of existence and Sam’s 25th, we toured the city named Manila.

IMG_1318 [Desktop Resolution]

Going back to the olden times.  Exploring the Intramuros and the Extramuros.


Rode the kalesa.  I asked the not-so friendly kutsero a few questions.

Correspondent: Ilang taon na po kayo sa trabahong ito?

Not-so friendly kutsero: Thirty years na din.

Correspondent: Tagal na din pala.  Anu pong pangalan nung kabayo nio?

Not-so friendly kutsero: Richard.

Correspondent: Anna? Richard daw.  Nagpaalam ka ba ng maayos kase?

Bananay: (Tawa na lang ng tawa. Di na makausap ng maayos.)

Visited the Rizal Shrine.  I enjoyed going through every room of this museum. As far as I remember, the last time I have been to this place was when I was in my 6th year in elementary.  It’s a free trip given to those students who aced the periodicals.  Maybe that should explain the affinity to this place.

Philipine history is my best subject. I still remember my grade 5 teacher patiently writing facts about the life of Rizal on the board, information lacking in our textbook.  She said she was giving us facts that a first year high school student should know. That excited me really.  I was supposed to join the inter-school History Quiz Bee, but luck failed to come to me at that time, I was instead transferred to a group of students to represent our school in a Math Quiz Bee.

In Rizal Shrine, I particularly like the empty room adorned only by the writings on the wooden floor.


Lunchtime, we headed to Manila’s Chinatown to eat.  We dined at Mandarin’s Seafood Restaurant.  We were so full.  There is enough food for an army of 12.



The infamous Quiapo (DVD), according to GoogleMaps.

IMG_1555 [Desktop Resolution]

While waiting for the train at Carriedo Station

IMG_1574 [Desktop Resolution]

Girl talk at MOA Bayside


It’s a tiring yet fun day.

I should go back to Binondo for another food trip and to buy me a traveler souvenir bracelet.