“The day I was born I was born free and that is my Privilege.”

Maybe I should write a travelogue.
May 8, 2009, 3:28 pm
Filed under: Tabloid

I need money for my travel expenses. It’s a dream to tour the world, pero sabi nga ni Nanay given the chance she’ll tour the Philippines first. So that’s what I am trying to do now.

One more Friday, two more of the rest of the days, then Quezon off I go with my lovely friends.

And Jandy texted me a little while ago, “Friend, sorry, pressure, book na kita ha. July tayo.” I replied a resounding yes. That will be our Cebu-Bohol trip. I really have to go! I missed the Puerto Galera and Potipot, Zambales adventures with them because of certain concerns, and I feel like I’m missing a whole lot. So I decided to say yes this time without the buts.

Takot ako sa idea ng plane ride. Di ako sanay sa adrenaline rush, sa Morning Rush lang. Hahahaha. But I should do this or I can’t say hello to my soulmate in Greece — haha — a place I really want to go to before I die.

I just realized am touring Visayas.  It’s Camiguin for Mindanao. I will eat Pastel there.  Yippeee!

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