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Tara, let’s go to the park!
March 28, 2009, 2:30 pm
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We have this end-of-the-workweek endeavour of visiting a nearby park to jog and feel healthy, but as of these past few sessions, we end up passing by 7-Eleven, buying Big Uhaws and some snacks, unfolding a blanket on the grass, and having a picnic at the park.  As Kat was, is and, I guess, will be saying,  “Ang pa-plastik niyong lahat!” Haha.

And just these past two Fridays, we included pictorials as one of the major reasons of going there.   Stretching, jogging and walking around, skyscrapers and lampposts backdrop, role playing by the bench, cozy on the grass scenes, even with what I call a multicultural background — the park is frequented by foreigner children who lived with their parents and, of course, the Pinay helpers in the condos nearby — every move is documented.  I have this story about a demeaning chinky woman, but I won’t mention it here as I take this as a jolly-golly post.   Okay.  Back to an-image-of-one-bright-flower-in-a-sunshine-y-morning mood!

Here are some of our pictures:

7-ElevenMaking a purchase of our energy drink — BIG UHAW! Yeba! Haha!

Forget the jogging, Philippine Games muna– Bato-bato pick!


Taya!! — Wait, ba’t ang weird ng scissors ko! Hahaha!


Luksong Tinik!


Jumpin’ Jumpin’


PSP while walking! Ka-adik battle mode ng Bomberman eh!


Featuring the new Bench endorsers! Haha! Literal-an!


Here comes another Friday afto!


Bomberman 101


My jog pals!


Role-playing:  Pinoy pasttime, chismisan! Haha!


Role-playing:  May vain! May vain! Keber kung may vain! Haha! Pish, piney! 😛


Banana left (pun intended).  😀


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eh ang pa-plastik nyo naman kasi talaga eh! 😛

Comment by kat

kulang ang mga pics na ‘to to justify our camera vain-nesssssss. hahaha!

Comment by kat

Wahaha.. Sila lang! Basta ako nag-jog/walk! And hirap kaseng mag-upload eh! Di naman ako marunong yung four pictures in one! Kasalanan ng picnik, ang tagal mag-load! Hayst! 😛

Comment by timebender

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