“The day I was born I was born free and that is my Privilege.”

Snippets of a Monday
March 16, 2009, 3:29 pm
Filed under: All That Jazz!, Tabloid

dreamt of him, he seemed oblivious of me.

met an inconsiderate woman this morning.

barfed at one friend’s joke, when a woman thanked his date for a kiss and found out later that it was not a bubblegum that he transferred to her mouth but a solid phlegm.

replied to a friend’s text asking if I was busy last night.

ate a plate of pancit with peanut butter sauce and liked it.

critiqued food photos at Ministop while enjoying my cone of chocolate ice cream and chatting with friends.

googled about food photography and drooled over those scrumptious food I saw online.

admired the colorful and stylish plates used in the food photos and thought of having a show cabinet of beautiful plates and jars.

craved a bowl of soupy, hot Ramen.

dissatisfied with the game Crash: Mind Over Mutant and wondering why its developer didn’t include any camera control commands on it.

having a thought of buying Eraserheads’ book entitled Fruitcake.  Even though I think it’s a bit overpriced, I finally decided to want it at the end of my workweek.

I can’t wait.


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