“The day I was born I was born free and that is my Privilege.”

Mum mum mum maahh!
March 29, 2009, 12:55 pm
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Sa office, nung malapit ko na talagang ma-associate yung trabaho ko sa absolute monotony — kung may ganun man, sabi kasi nung teacher ko nung college wala daw absolutism — anyways, here comes Superhero Ramon Bautista to save my day. Yaaaa–hooo! You’ve seen him in commercials, sa Nescafe with late Francis M. Segment host din siya dati sa Sports Unlimited. First time ko siyang nakita sa Strangebrew with Tado and Erning, ume-extra.

Sa Gloo site niya, he posed questions like “Sa larangan ng material things, parang monito-monita ba ang definition ng ‘simple joys of life’? Like, pag lampas 100 pesos, hindi na simple joys yun?” And this, “Is every second of our lives controlled by fate? Or is life a series of random occurrences? Or are things a matter of perfect timing?” And this, “When was the last time you’ve experienced something for the first time?”

Minsan makulit na questions lang like “Pag nanood ba ako ng Gossip Girl, magiging gay ako?” or “Di ko pa napapanood ang Dark Knight. Loser ba ako, inay?” And you’ll read hopeless-romantic lines like this: “You try to tell me that I’m clever, but that won’t take me anyhow, or anywhere, with you.”

I like him, the humor and the wits. Necessity talaga for one to learn or find something new for you to know how bland or tangy your world is. Pero, ang happy aftermath nun, you’ll then be inspired like an eagle to explore the vast sky. Hey, what’s happening to me! Hahaha!

Anyways, nainggit ako sa heart pictures niya. Sabi ko dapat meron din ako para cool din ako like him! Wahahaha! 😛


Wala! Taob open palm technique mo! 😛




Momma, whoo hoo whoo…


Excuse me, Rushers ba kayo?

YES, WE ARE! Silent Rushers nga lang.  Na-meet namin si hellgirl, isang active Rusher dun sa workplace namin.  Katuwa lang yung fact na na-meet namin ang isang active Rusher, parang malapit na namin ma-meet sila Chico and Del after that.  Hahaha.  She invited us to join the forum and be an active rusher.  Nagkuwento pa siya about dun sa iba pang active Rushers! Katuwa talaga.  Batiin daw niya kame Monday, actually nung Saturday, eh hindi namin narinig ni Banana, so isama daw niya ulit kame Monday greetings niya.  Thanks, Hellgirl! At mabuhay ang Morning Rush! 🙂


Fellow Rusher! Sam!!

Ang saya nung one time, nung ang topic sa Top Ten is Top ten stupid answers to game show questions yata, tabi-tabi kameng tatlo — Sam, Banana and me — kaniya-kaniyang earphones, habang nakikinig kila Chico and Delamar.  Tahimik habang nakikinig, tapos sabay-sabay tatawa dun sa mga entries to the amazement of our co-workers. HAHA.

Hayst, I’ll miss them gal pals!


Tara, let’s go to the park!
March 28, 2009, 2:30 pm
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We have this end-of-the-workweek endeavour of visiting a nearby park to jog and feel healthy, but as of these past few sessions, we end up passing by 7-Eleven, buying Big Uhaws and some snacks, unfolding a blanket on the grass, and having a picnic at the park.  As Kat was, is and, I guess, will be saying,  “Ang pa-plastik niyong lahat!” Haha.

And just these past two Fridays, we included pictorials as one of the major reasons of going there.   Stretching, jogging and walking around, skyscrapers and lampposts backdrop, role playing by the bench, cozy on the grass scenes, even with what I call a multicultural background — the park is frequented by foreigner children who lived with their parents and, of course, the Pinay helpers in the condos nearby — every move is documented.  I have this story about a demeaning chinky woman, but I won’t mention it here as I take this as a jolly-golly post.   Okay.  Back to an-image-of-one-bright-flower-in-a-sunshine-y-morning mood!

Here are some of our pictures:

7-ElevenMaking a purchase of our energy drink — BIG UHAW! Yeba! Haha!

Forget the jogging, Philippine Games muna– Bato-bato pick!


Taya!! — Wait, ba’t ang weird ng scissors ko! Hahaha!


Luksong Tinik!


Jumpin’ Jumpin’


PSP while walking! Ka-adik battle mode ng Bomberman eh!


Featuring the new Bench endorsers! Haha! Literal-an!


Here comes another Friday afto!


Bomberman 101


My jog pals!


Role-playing:  Pinoy pasttime, chismisan! Haha!


Role-playing:  May vain! May vain! Keber kung may vain! Haha! Pish, piney! 😛


Banana left (pun intended).  😀

Snippets of a Monday
March 16, 2009, 3:29 pm
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dreamt of him, he seemed oblivious of me.

met an inconsiderate woman this morning.

barfed at one friend’s joke, when a woman thanked his date for a kiss and found out later that it was not a bubblegum that he transferred to her mouth but a solid phlegm.

replied to a friend’s text asking if I was busy last night.

ate a plate of pancit with peanut butter sauce and liked it.

critiqued food photos at Ministop while enjoying my cone of chocolate ice cream and chatting with friends.

googled about food photography and drooled over those scrumptious food I saw online.

admired the colorful and stylish plates used in the food photos and thought of having a show cabinet of beautiful plates and jars.

craved a bowl of soupy, hot Ramen.

dissatisfied with the game Crash: Mind Over Mutant and wondering why its developer didn’t include any camera control commands on it.

having a thought of buying Eraserheads’ book entitled Fruitcake.  Even though I think it’s a bit overpriced, I finally decided to want it at the end of my workweek.

I can’t wait.

Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That
March 12, 2009, 3:17 pm
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Minna Atsumare! Ooyyy! Onara Taisou!

Half-awake, I manage to grab my phone and put off the alarm.  No, fifteen minutes more and I promise I am out of this bed.

Minna Atsumare! Ooyyy! Onara Taisou!

I heard Nodame singing again. My tired eyes are begging for another ten minutes or more, but my mind is telling me that I should throw off that blanket and be awake or else I will find myself running on the sidewalks of  Paseo to avoid being late from work.

This is the second day of me wanting my eyes closed beyond sleeping hours.  The first day’s reason of lack of sleep, should I blame my mother who is just doing her task of grinding whole peppercorns using mortar and pestle early in the morning near my room or should I blame the mortar and pestle instead for being such a handy kitchen tool to my mother?  Sigh. While last night, my friend needed me, so we stayed some place up until midnight and I listened to her stories and shared some of mine.

Going to work, I listen to the Morning Rush — as usual, it’s a hard habit to break, lalala-lala — to laugh and to keep the driver from saying to me, “Miss, wake up, wake up, san ba kayo? Bwendja na to.”

I am the first to be inside the van.  I am on earphones listening to some music while waiting for other passengers.  There comes, let’s call him, scaredkuya, who sits beside me. At that same moment, I heard the cue for The Top Ten.  Chico is now saying what the topic for that day’s Top Ten is, which is, The Top Ten Signs that You are a Spoiled Brat. Particularly, Delamar’s stories of Chico being a spoiled brat after the bottom half — of course, Chico’s in denial — make me titter.

Here is one of them, as far as I can recall:

C: It’s hot, hot, hot.

D: Let’s stay under that tree for a while to get shade.

C: What if there are critters there? (Looking scared)

D: (Shocked but managed to say) To that other tree then.

C: What if there is a rac-cooonnn there?  Oh, Del, Del, is that an otter I see in the pond? (LOL)

Scaredkuya had a conclusion that his seatmate is dotty and crazy and then opted transferring on the side seat, near the door.  At first, I thought that he just suddenly realized that he will get off Arnaiz, not Ayala and it will be difficult for him to get out when he is seated next to me — I am sitting behind the driver, four seats away from the door.  But no, he just didn’t want to be beside a mad woman I turned out to be.  I was prejudged. Huhuhu.

Oh, well, I don’t care.  I had a good morning laugh. 🙂

I’m even singing a Robert Randolph after that.

Whether it’s rock and roll or old soul (It don’t matter)
Disco, Calipso (It don’t matter)
Suit and tie or tie-dye (It don’t matter)
Snakeskins or Timberlands (It don’t matter)
Tight fade or long braid (It don’t matter)
Red head or brunette (It don’t matter)
Breakdance, slamdance (It don’t matter)
Do the jerk until it hurts
I’m tellin’ you.

Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that (I’m tellin’ you)
Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that (I’m tellin’ you)
Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.


Repost: Epic Records Proudly Announces “Monuments and Melodies” – A two-disc GREATEST HITS ALBUM from multi-platinum artist INCUBUS!
March 12, 2009, 12:58 pm
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New York, NY – Multi-platinum Epic recording artist, Incubus, is gearing up to release MONUMENTS AND MELODIES, a two disc collection of the band’s greatest hits and rarities, on June 16. The collection is a must have for fans of the band whose extraordinary career has spanned over a decade, has spawned twelve Top 10 hits – four of those landing at # 1, and six studio albums, the last being Light Grenades which debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top 200, marking the highest charting album debut of the band’s career.

To celebrate the release of MONUMENTS AND MELODIES, Incubus is offering fans the opportunity to pre-order the album from http://incubus.skyroo.com. The album pre-order automatically enters fans into an exclusive Internet pre-sale where they will be amongst the first to purchase tickets to an upcoming show on the band’s highly anticipated Monuments and Melodies Summer Tour. The tour will officially kick off July 9th at the Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre in San Diego, CA and will cover 31 major cities across the U.S. and Canada, including dates at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles and two nights at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

The two disc collection will be released in two configurations, a two disc CD, and a four disc LP. The first disc includes the band’s biggest hits including twelve Top 10 singles such as “Drive,” “Wish You Were Here” and “Pardon Me”, as well as two brand new tracks, “Black Heart Inertia” and “Midnight Swim” (both produced by Brendan O’Brien). The second disc consists of rarities that the band has recorded over the years, including a brand new cover of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy.” Album artwork for MONUMENTS AND MELODIES was designed by lead singer, Brandon Boyd.

Adding to the rarities on the physical release, Incubus will launch the most comprehensive collection of Incubus audio, video, and photos in a new section of www.enjoyincubus.com called The Vault. Many of these items have never been seen or were released in limited editions. Each individual copy of the physical album will include a unique code that can be used to upgrade the users account at www.enjoyincubus.com and allow them to download all of this incredible Incubus material.

Following in the footsteps of the incredible radio story for the band’s single, “Love Hurts”, which went to # 1 at alternative radio and will impact Adult Top 40 on March 17, Incubus will release “Black Heart Inertia”, the first new single from MONUMENTS AND MELODIES, on April 16. Fans can log onto the band’s website to stream a 45-second sample of the track.

Brandon Boyd, Michael Einziger and Jose Pasillas II formed Incubus in 1991 when they were high school classmates in Calabasas, CA. Chris Kilmore joined in 1998 and Ben Kenney in 2003. The band’s big break came in 1999 with the release of the double-platinum selling album, Make Yourself, which included the singles: “Pardon Me,” “Stellar,” and “Drive”. The group’s third album, Morning View, released in 2001, debuted at number two on the album chart and included the radio hits “Wish You Were Here,” and “Nice To Know You.” The most recent release from Incubus, Light Grenades, blazed onto Billboard’s Top 200 in 2006, debuting at #1.

You can catch Incubus playing some of the biggest hits of their career on the MONUMENTS AND MELODIES tour. Album track listing and tour dates are below.

Pre-order the album at http://incubus.skyroo.com


Black Heart Inertia
Love Hurts
Wish You Were Here
Talk Shows On Mute
Pardon Me
Oil And Water
Are You In?
Nice To Know You
Midnight Swim


Neither Of Us Can See
Look Alive
While All The Vultures Feed
Punch Drunk
A Certain Shade Of Green (Acoustic)
Monuments And Melodies
Let’s Go Crazy

Learn How to Count in French: Un, Deux, Trois… Cinq!
March 10, 2009, 2:22 pm
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Wala akong magawa, so I’ve thought of translating into a text joke yung ni-relay sakin ng friend kong entry sa Top Ten earlier that morning.  I’ve written it as humorous as I can so as to save myself from mockery, then send to many.  “This is it,” I  said to myself.  Pero nilagyan ko pa din ng disclaimer sa end part ng message. LOL


Joke ng Kuwentista, kurni pero tolerable pa naman.

Use ‘Comeback’ in a sentence.


Presenting Donna Cruz…

One.. Two.. Three…

‘Comeback’ tumibok ang puso, wala ka nang magagawa kundi sundin eto.

I understand if you bombard me with hate messages after reading this. LOL


A few of my friends replied saying “Hanubayan” or “Eto na yung hate message mo. Salo!”  I texted back saying zit and zat and I then I fell asleep.

Then sunshine comes again and I celebrate that I am still alive.  Hooray!

I grabbed my squeaking alarm phone to put it off.  “One unread message,” it says on the screen.  I opened it and read, “Lumalala na yung mga sent jokes mo ha. Are you okay?

My grogginess was no more. I laughed hard, while scratching my head, calming my bushy, unkempt hair.

Indeed, it’s a healthy morning habit — smiling, grinning, then laughing out loud.

Related Story:

My friend texted me one late Monday evening ranting about how bad the start of her workweek was.

I read, “Ang daming supervisor calls! Yung ibang concerns kaya namang i-handle nung mga agents on their own, ipapasa pa sa akin!”

To which I replied,

“Yung manok nung kapitbahay namin kanina pa tumitilaok.  Sabi nila may mumu daw pag ganun! Ishkeri! (Tago kumot)

And to address her rants:

“Isipin mo na lang yung ismayls and giggles mo nung nanunuod tayo ng You Changed My Life.  I-power hug mo yung sarili mo, if possible, para maalala mo.  Haha.  Cheer up!”

She didn’t reply.  I slept.  Morning came so as her one unread message on my phone.

“Eeee! Ishkeri nga! Tulog na! Masuwerte kayong natutulog ng gabi may room sa paglaki. Haha”

Ang husay mag-cope sa work stress, gumagawa ng slogan.  Another HAHAHA morning for meeeee!! Saya ng mornings ko lately!



Na-sad ako upon hearing the news of Francis M’s death. I was working on a quiz to determine my brain age — 60 yung score ko na medyo positive naman daw and that’s with a little help from friends.  Sabi naman ni Alvin kase 1900 daw yung nilagay kong birth year kaya medyo mataas yung score… hahaha — nung time na in-announce ni Vic on national TV ang heartbreaking fact na he was defeated by leukemia.   Status ko nga facebook May new Ideology: Francism. RIP, Free Man.” Ngayon ko lang siya talagang na-appreciate as an artist singing Kaleidoscope World-ly songs.  Umiyak pa si Gloc 9 dun sa tribute sa EB, lalo tuloy akong na-sad.


I thought of some arrogant troglodyte saying this line to me: “May stainless steel two-door ref na kame.”

Maybe I’m a bit villainous when I thought of a saucy answer to that remark: “Anong pakialam ko kung may stainless steel two-door ref na kayo?! Do you intend to say that I should think of a brilliant idea how to dispose your 15-year-old rusty one-door ref?  Put it in the basement if you have an idea what a basement is. Huh!


Yun fiction, heto non-fiction.

Eksena sa FX overhearing Opinionated Ate and her Lad Friend’s Discussion.

Lad Friend:  Sa office kanina kumakanta sila ng Francis M songs.

Opinionated Ate: Oh, bakit?

Lad Friend: (Natigil nang sandali, feeling niya ang slow ni Opinionated Ate.) Parang tribute daw kay FM.

Opinionated Ate:  Huh?! Bakit sila nakiki-sympathy?

Mean-y Me: (Almost muttering to herself) Eh, gusto nilang maki-sympathize eh!  Palibhasa Cueshe ang fave band mo and you know by heart the origin of their band name! Silencio!

And besides, verb, Opinionated Ate, hindi noun! Realize!


Si Donya gumaganti.

Pero bago yun, may kuwelang comment ulit siya.

Because it’s Love Day or Love is in the Air, they thought of having a feel of that occasion in our office. One happy man with a ladder cheerfully hang strings with heart cutouts on the ceiling.  Upon seeing the display of those “love chandeliers” Donya said, “Anu ba yan, ang KINKY naman dito sa office, malamig na nga, may Valentine-y ambiance pa.” LOL.

At our “Bon Voyage, Donya” event at Tsoko.nut Batirol, Donya still cannot believe that she had 21 missed calls from her husband that evening.

“Akala ko dito siya tatawag sa N95 ko,” she muttered while looking at her 3200 disposable phone.

I said, “Sus, kinikilig ka lang sa thought na it’s 21 missed calls, more than a dozen.”

She said,“Hindi. Kase dati naman 8 missed calls lang yan eh, di umaabot ng ganiyan. Ay, hindi mo naman magi-gets kase hindi ka pa nagkaka-boyfriend.”

I was shocked, hurt, tears were shed.  -OA-

I said, “Di ba naka-dalawang misa ka kakahintay samin. Ba’t ang mean-mean mo ngayon?”

HAHAHA! Gumaganti talaga oh!