“The day I was born I was born free and that is my Privilege.”

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January 26, 2009, 3:24 pm
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I just felt the urge to write.

As my friend said, “Baka kung sa’n pa lumabas yan, labas mo na! Sulat lang!”

“Kahit ngayon ko lang nalaman what the word “schmaltzy” means, yeah, I got a right to write.”  (Tarush, homonyms! HAHA =))

January 21-22, 2008

I am supposed to begin this journal yesterday.  All my stories, every events of it have words ready to be written and narrated, like how I am laughing inside the FX going to work hearing Chico and Delamar doing their Top 10 on the radio.  I manage to silence myself with the previous eight entries in their list, but this one make my co-passengers look at me like I am a crazy woman who needs to be straight-jacketed after I carry out a reverberating laughter to their surprise.

A:  Panget ba ako?
B:  Alam mo, wala namang nilalang ang Diyos na panget, pero iba ata yung gumawa sa’yo eh, yung kalaban niya.
(Panalo talaga toh! HAHAHA)

That was morning.  Going home from work is just a different story.  Here is an inquisitive kid grabbing the phone from her mother who is then talking to someone on the other end of the line.  Preventing herself to cause a commotion like if she refuses to hand the phone to the kid, she, maybe, will create a ruckus inside the van to the annoyance of the other people there, she just gives in to the child’s request.

I am sitting in the front seat, just overhearing their conversation. Upon getting hold of the phone, the child of, I guess, three or four years says, “Hello, pauwi na, hintayin mo kami.  See you soon.  Mwah!” And then she gives the phone to her mother and at the same time asking her, “Ma, anu ba to? Taxi o car?”referring to the FX that we are all in.

To end a tiresome day, I am just amazed gazing at the brightest of the stars in the sky these days.  Well, it is not really a star.  Technically, it is planet named Jupiter.  That is really a treat for me who is feeling nauseated that afternoon.


And that caused me to start my day, that is today, in a not so good a feeling.  Maybe you can say it is all in the mind.  I let my yesterday sickness consume me, and the result of that would be half of the day away from drudgery or we can say, in layman’s terms, work.

I changed the radio’s frequency longing to hear Chico and Delamar’s voices. My Kuya was then listening to a famous radio duo that I was so fond of before but have a change of heart after getting tired of their almost, as it becomes, senseless talk.

I now wave a “Chico and Delamar forever” poster every morning.  I grabbed my blanket and a fluffy pillow, then transferred to a wooden long chair near the radio.  I can sense that listening to them will be like an acupunture. The topic is Top Ten Things Not to Say When Asking Someone Out on a Date.

This one just made me laugh:

Boy: Girl, date tayo.

I didn’t get it the first time — hey, I was sick, spare those who are sick.  Delamar was really laughing.  And then Chico said, Yeah, girl, let’s color our nails pink, something like that, or let’s shop together.  At that moment, I burst into laughter.  My Kuya, who was then ready to leave the house to go to work, stopped, looking worried after hearing her sister, who was at that time fully blanketed, looking demented, laugh without knowing why.

My back was really causing me irritation.  I felt like I was this professor of mine in college to think that it would be my last morning doing my favorite things in this earthly world.  I let myself succumb to sleep to lessen the pain. I was awakened by my mother yelling, “Yung tubig umaapaw na,” while she panicked looking for the right key to our gate. Apparently, she went out to buy newspaper and some items and forgot the faucet is on, to put things simply.

Go to work or not go to work.  I was fine after a nap and remembering my mad, quote/unquote, mother and her bizaare, endless unprecedented ways to wake me up.  But then the question arise, Will I go to work today or will I just let myself walk the whole day on my pajama?  But then my eagerness to see friends and the funny conversations — yeah, that is healthier rather than to think that I will go to work that day to finish my six-page file and proofread it — and I am not there when that momentous event — oh, well, at least for me — happen makes me want to cringe with regret.  Okay.  So I will go to work, I said to myself, that’s final.

Kat, after a minute I made my decision, texted me and said that they will leave the office early, by 2:00, that there are no files to edit.  When I heard this news, I felt lazy to go to work.  What?! I can’t be there editing a file without them.  I mean, I will go there because of them, not to scope. Oh, well, still after thinking about it a trillion of times, considering a wee bit the file’s deadline, there I was claiming my old post from Santa Baby, who was at that time occupying it for a YM access.  So, get off him there and then edit I was doing right after.

Chona left after banging her pillow on my arm and then said, “You blogged me.”  I was confused as a cat and answered her, “I blogged you?”  And then she recounted that she, out of the blue, just googled her name and then she found this blog with her name tagged with a Donya, saw that it was really all about her, clicked it and then we are back to the scene of her banging her pillow on my poor arm.

Off she went and the other “halfday” people and we ended up conversing in the pantry — those who refused to use their VLs — while munching Ate Leah’s food until it was, at last, our time to go home.

January 23, 2009

Chona’s near outrage finding out that I blogged her — though, I know I told that to her before — made me laugh the whole night and thought of writing another entry about her.  I typed in a few sentences in a notepad last night, but out of respect to my Kuya, who was watching Bleach online at that time, I dropped that task and planned to continue it some other time.


Despite of her threats, look, what still I am doing, talking about her and her “misdemeanors.”

Jel: Chona, iba-blog ulit kita. Haha.
Chona: Gaga ka, ‘wag.  Pag-uusapan na ako niyan pagbalik ko sa office.
Jel: Ay, mami-miss kita. =( Pero basta iba-blog kita ha. Happy weekend! =)
Chona: Bahala ka!!!

Walking in a corridor going to our workplace, I told Chona that we would be resubmitting requirements to HR because of some reasons I don’t bother to know about.  “We need to submit papers like SSS, NBI clearance,” I said.  She was on earphones at that time, and obviously, I guess, didn’t fully heard what I said and just protestingly commented, “Putang-ina, bakit kelangan nating kumuha ng Barangay Clearance?”

I almost cried with laughter hearing her said that, we both did, ignoring the onlookers who may imagine we were two drunk women that just happened to pass by.

I felt almost the same “constipated laughter” after reading her own comment on a posted album containing pictures of her taken by several people to whom she generously gave heartfelt thank-yous. She was demeaning herself, talking to her own posted picture saying, “Feeling mo maganda ka, mataba ka!” And to another she was saying, “Malaki braso mo, kung maka-pose?!” And when confronted why she was doing such, she reasoned out, “Wala akong magawa. Hehe.”

I totally agree with a friend saying, “Si Donya lang ang makakagawa niyan, ang awayin ang sarili online.”

Miss you, Tsoning! =)