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Cartwheel for Incubus’s Greatest Hits Album Early Next Year!
December 21, 2008, 4:18 am
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Hello my fine, feathered friends. I trust the Holidays are treating you all well and that our recent bouts with good news in the world of Politics haven’t stirred your cynicism too much but instead gotten you all in the hopeful spirit of giving and brotherly love! I am writing you today to bring word from that strange island in the sea called Incubus.

We are currently pooling our collective ideas, knocking the dust off of the gears, and reconvening in Los Angeles this month to create and compile what will be our newest offering into the world of illegal downloading! In short, we are releasing our first Greatest Hits album. Yes, we know that that officially means we are not a new band anymore, and that we are in fact getting old. If Incubus were a character in a famous Vladimir Nabokov novel, we would play the role of the creepy, aging Father figure: obsessed with our new wife’s teenage daughter and hell bent on winning her over with trifles and sweet talk. Or, better yet, if Incubus were one of the Harry Potter novels, we’d be the one where Harry finally makes out with Cho Chang! A few significant novels into the unfolding plot, but leaving the reader with a sneaking suspicion that the best has yet to come. Scratch that Nabokov reference, it’s borderline inappropriate. The Harry Potter one hit the nail on the head!

It looks as if the Greatest Hits will have a few new tracks on it and that it will be ready to steal around Spring of 2009! So in the interim, have a wonderful Holiday season! Remember that it’s the thought that counts and not how much you spend. Hugs are better than drugs and they’re cheaper! Making love is far healthier than waging war, and it’s certainly more fun. Anyone who claims to have all the answers is most deserving of skeptical inquiry. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Unless that fish is contaminated with Mercury. Then you just screwed that guy. Change your underwear at least twice a week, chew your food thoroughly, wipe front to back, measure twice and cut once, leaves of three, let ’em be! Leave of four… you get the idea. Lastly, a warm and sincere thank you to all of you who have been onboard with us for so long. Sharing our music with you has been a privileged occasion! And I thank all of you on behalf of this band. Here’s to another year of art, music, travel and discovery. All our love. Take care of yourselves and each other out there.

Happy Holidays,

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Angelo Ortiz’ Villancicos Espanoles!
December 9, 2008, 1:14 pm
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One reason, a valid one I am telling you, why I was not that into seeing the planetary conjunction, as they call it, involving planets Jupiter and Venus — lovers, as I see them, not taking into account mythology — was an article I read in Philippine Star’s Art and Culture Section entitled “A Piano Concert of Spanish Canticles.” A free concert — or entrada gratuita as the ticket indicates — by Angelo Ortiz, who, they say, was a world champion pianist. I was not interested on who was going to play the piano. I was overwhelmed with the fact that I have the opportunity of seeing a piano concert, that is, with a 44-member wind symphony orchestra singing through their instruments old Spanish Christmas Carols.

Nodame, a character played by Ueno Juri in the drama Nodame Cantabile, made me write “Watch an orchestra” alongside “Learn to play the piano” as my things to do before I leave Earth, my abode.

I was then texting Ana and Sam about it, putting a quintet of exclamations at the end of my every statement while Luna the moon conspired with Jupiter and Venus up in the sky. So there, forgive me Roman Zeus and Goddess of Love and Beauty, I need to please my ears first with the sound of ebonies and ivories.

Intimidated we were upon seeing those aficionados who would also see Ortiz perform.

Donde?! exclaimed the man next to me when I was claiming my one reserved ticket at the registration.

I went at the back — fearing the man would talk to me and soon learn of my bastardized Spanish — then came two well-dressed women, one of them tugging a Mango bag in her left arm. By then, I was just thinking of Chico and Delamar’s top ten, citing a gal who pronounces Mango in an “Indio” way. But I mean, I say that not to, what, disgrace them. I was just putting that thought in my head to get over my uneasiness with the crowd I was with at that time.

Ana and I — without Sam, too bad, she caught a fever — were taking photos of ourselves near the escalators for a few minutes — no, for half an hour before the program starts. We liked it there better compared to standing by Ortiz’s poster. We firmly believe, yes, that we are thinner when a shot was taken from there.

The concert is good. I just didn’t enjoy those parts with the tenors and soprano — the cantantes. I nearly slept with their Silent Night and Ave Maria. They’re good, but such renditions, for me, are lullabies. Ortiz is great with his piano. He is playful, swinging his shoulders side to side while his hands danced on the blacks and whites.

The orchestra conductor, I like, period.

Eimi was late. We weren’t able to bully her, as Kat instructed us to do. =) She was late and left the auditorium ahead of us reasoning out that they haven’t had dinner yet.

Ana and I

Ana and I

The Pianist

The Pianist

Banda 31 and Angelo on Piano

Banda 31 and Angelo on Piano