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It’s JGS!!
November 7, 2008, 12:03 am
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I first saw him in Hwang-Jini.  I thought this boy is cute.  Then a friend, after many months, told me to watch Han Gil Dong, if I may recall, after she learned that I heart Hwang Jini’s lover.  I tried to open it in Mysoju but I find the drama too long, so I discarded the idea of even watching an episode of it.  “Okay, my friend told me, “Then watch Beethoven Virus.  Surely you would like it.  It’s based from Nodame Cantabile, which I know you LIKE!”  And I began watching it up until the fourth episode.  I’ve still got to find a copy of it to watch it fully — but it is not yet finished.  The drama is still on its 11th episode out of I think 16 or 17.  Watching it in Mysoju by parts makes it less enjoyable and tiring.  He is a Man there, and he’s, what, I can’t even think of an apt adjective for him.   Now, I’m hallucinating and dreaming of him MORE after I’ve watched DO RE MI FA SO LA SI DO.  Oh, Jang Geun Suk!!! +)

Here’s a video of him from a Korean sitcom.  If he’s got a sister, he’ll look like this.  SO CUUTEE!!


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hahaha same here….i watched hwang jin yi here in the PHIL.in tagalog version coz it’s have a dub but i really don’t know him,anyways before that,,,when i watched the Baby&I in mysoju…he cathed my attention coz he smile so pretty!!i mean so cute!jejeje so i started to search his name JAng Geun suk…his profile,achievements…etc…my gosh! i knew it! JGS is one of the drama Hwang jin yi…and One missed call final…ngek! way back then…i ignored him coz in hwang jin yi he died he did not capture my attention…one missed call he also died in there…again i really don’t know that was JGS…i remember the funny moment,i buy that vcd of One missed call after i watched it i gave it to my friend i think that was year 2006..i watched the baby&I last year 2008…so i discovered that JGS is one of the cast One missed call so i called my fren and i told her that can you turn back to me the VCD of One missed call…my friend got shocked!of corz its been along time then all of a sudden i called her back just to say it?hahahaha i hope that movie in mysoju is ok now coz OMC is still under repair so that’s why i can’t watch it again…i’ve already finish to watch the Hong gil dong,doremi,hwangjini(again)bethoveen virus,all about JGS,,,i’m really a big fan of him…i really like the way he act…i hope there are more projects for him….GO!go!go!JGS!

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