“The day I was born I was born free and that is my Privilege.”

In my Shinto-Buddhism, thou art the Nirvana!

Finally, I had watched Incubus’s Look Alive concert video! I was smiling the whole while I was seeing it.  I love it infinitely!!

I must say how lovely (say it British) CyberLink DVD player in my brother’s laptop is.  It has a capture video snapshot function and there I had almost 500 Incubus’s panoramas.  All of them I adore!

Here are some of my most, most favorites — to blink is to betray:






From percussion to string



Unnamed specie

Sunset Boulevard

Soliloquy:  To be or not to be.

Prague: Czech it out!

Grit to greet

A voice







Enough for I fear I may upload hundreds of photos here. 😀


Could you move in slow motion?
Everything goes by so fast
Just slow down a little
Save the best part for last

You speak in riddles
Your intentions turn me on
I’m your’s forever
Will you love me when I’m gone?

When I’m gone!

When I’m gone,
You’re an unfenced fire!
(When I’m gone,)
Over walls we’ve trampled!
(When I’m gone,)
It’s you I admire!
(When I’m gone,)
My living example…

Your eyes are an undiscovered ocean far away
Any minute now keeping
Both poets and priests at bay
Don’t get ahead of me
Could we just this once see eye to eye?
Could you want perhaps me?
Ask me how it feels to vie

To vie!

You’re an unfenced fire! (to vie)
Over walls we trampled! (to vie)
It’s you I admire! (to vie)
My living example…

It’s a photograph discovered a decade after
It’s a cannon blast disguised as a firecracker
It’s enough to bring a brick wall to its knees
And sing, please

Could you move in slow motion?
Everything goes by so fast
Just slow down a little
Save the best part for last.

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oh definitely, this look alive DVD is awesome..can’t think of a better adjective..

Comment by jonasacorda


Comment by jonasacorda

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