“The day I was born I was born free and that is my Privilege.”

I absorb thy “ectoplasm.”
September 20, 2008, 12:26 am
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Photos from his private art studio.  One entry to add to my list of things to do before I die; that is, to be in one of his art exhibits and own at least one of his artworks.

It’s how he says “Welcome, guests, to my art abode.”

And then if a lucky aficionado like I would be one of them guests of his, I will say, “Thank you!  Can I hug you then?” 😀

“Can I lean on thy shoulders while you’re thinking what to paint?”

“Lemonade, dearie, you want?” 

 Just thinking of him saying Robin Padilla’s lines to his heroine in the film Maging Sino Ka Man. 

Taas na nga mga kamay ko sa’yo eh.”  Tapos ako kausap niya, kunwari

What can I say but to sing “Mahal kita, basta’t mahal kita.” Wahahaha! 😀

Hat and sketchbook

 I am your inspiration, admit it! (I dream a dream and I see the angels fly!) 😀


Can I have you, please? I mean, can I have either the bunny or the kermit? You choose for me! 😀

The band is on hiatus for a year.  Mike enrolled in Harvard to study music and music history while Charles up above decided to take an art course in LA last July.

Here is an article about their back-to-school endeavour: 

“Summer vacation is almost over for two members of Incubus.

With their band enjoying a year on hiatus, singer Brandon Boyd has enrolled at a Los Angeles-area art college for the fall term, while guitarist Mike Einziger heads to Harvard.

“[I’m going] back to school, to prove to Dad that I’m not a fool,” Boyd, 32, tells PEOPLE, borrowing a line from the Adam Sandler comedy Billy Madison, about a man in his 30s who returns to the classroom.

Why now? “I never really had the time in the past 12 years,” says Boyd. “I actually left the beginnings of art school to go on tour.”

As for Einziger, 32, he was looking for a challenge. “It will be the first time in my whole life that I’ve ever gone to school because I wanted to go. I’ll appreciate it a lot more than I ever did as a kid,” says the guitarist, who spent the last year writing his first orchestral composition, which will be performed in Los Angeles next month.

Einziger will study music and science. Boyd will focus on painting and sculpture. Although Boyd’s artwork has appeared in Incubus videos and he has published two art books, the singer says he has “a need to humble myself in the presence of other artists who are younger, better and hungrier than I am. I think it will do good things for my ego.”

The musicians don’t, however, plan to partake in the non-academic side of the college experience. “If I was the old guy trolling for freshman on campus, that would be really weird,” laughs Boyd. “I’m probably not going to be experiencing too much of that.”

Incubus performs on the VH1 Rock Honors tribute to The Who, which airs Thursday, July 17 at 9 p.m. ” 

Words are by Scott Huver and the source is www.zimbio.com


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wow ang lalim naman non, ectoplasm! 😛

tiningnan ko pa tuloy sa wordweb ang meaning. :))

Comment by kat

Yan title ng Art Exhibit niya! Hay, ilang days na lang matatapos na, waaahh, wish I could be there!

Comment by timebender

tara na punta na tayo! wag natin isama ung adik. 😛

Comment by kat


Comment by Tatiana(Brazil)

Hola, Tatiana! Yeah, I soooo love him too!! :))

Comment by timebender

You’re lucky! Your site was included in the links in Brandon’s site. Nagulat ako nung biglang may nabasa akong Tagalog. Haha. Parehas tayo, gusto ko rin makapunta sa isa sa mga art exhibit niya — para makita siya, este, ‘yung artworks niya. XD

Comment by cocaine

Aloha, cocaine! Teka, nawindang ako dun ha. Anung site niya? :))

Comment by jel

It’s just a dream. I missed you so much.
(sorry for the faults, I am french)!

I’ve loved you before knowing your existence. I’ve dreamt of you so many times ago. Alone in the dark night I’ve imagined the color of your eyes, your body, your voice, your smile. You were in my head. I had dreamt of my perfect man and it is you I see — your spirit, your soul, ideas, passions like mine. We had conversations, laughs in the dark when I was a child. Then you follow me when I was a teenager and you are always here in my mind. And I am a woman now and I still dream of you, even if i am a mom and a wife too.

One day I heard your voice, then I saw a picture of you. I was interested in you. I started to read your lyrics. I was looking forward to knowing more things about you. And I saw one of your drawings. I fell in love with you. I recognized you as my divine idylle, my unreachable talented artist.
You were in my head and it was a “choc.” We were two. You do exist really. I missed you so much, that day i cried…

Thanks to exist, Brandon BOYD, you’re so real, we were two, now i am free( no more in my head),
it’s a delivrance to know that my dream became true, you do exist, i’m free because of you, i love who you are, so talented, so special, so charming with this part of “feminity”, this “sensibility”.I could nearly touch your skin, i could nearly hear your voice,i could nearly see you eye to eye!i could nearly know some pieces of your thoughts…
i think i love you;
if love is a pure gift,a present, just a good feeling sent to someone we choiced, so i choiced you Brandon boyd as my strange love!
so wonderful it’s divin to know you ‘re real,you’ re alive and free, now my nights are more peacefull, i sleep more easily and i enjoy my life more than ever because we are two.i can see you in ray of light!my eyes are wide open!
Love isn’t a question of langages( it just need good communication),
Love isn’t a question of time, space, distances;
love doesn’t know anything about rules( laws, yes, but there is no rules),there ‘s no “obligation” to know each other in the whole thing, no need any reciprocity, it’s a pure gift
it’s just emotion, good vibes sent to someone ! I’ve choiced to love you brandon!
Even it’s a strange love, you are my perfect mâle, my talented unreachable artist .
I can hear people laughing but i don’t care ,i recognise you as my divin idyll, you are my unreachable talented artist!my strange love!
You are sensitive and you give me the part i missed in my life: my heart is full, you give me more strengh to breathe again, i’m free and alive i’m about 34 years old, i was n’t born free, “tu m’as delivrée” , “je suis libre”
thank you, you do exist my strange love, i missed you so! how much i love you, i can tell it , just in that way:it’s already done , i loved you before knowing your existence, i recognised you and i will love you forever and ever! Whatever you’ll do, whoever you’ll become: a part of my heart is yours, be happy in your life, it’s a pleasure to see you living free! A piece of your Art is now in my mind, thanks to give us so much emotions in your art, it’s divin, so real (a pure talented heart).
You do exist my divin idyll and i missed you so much…you’re my strange love!keep living free of mind, open eyeded and one day you’ll recognize yours unless it’s already done…life brings you sometimes unexpected presents.excellent!it’s a pure gift, i,don’t have doubt anymore about love, love as got so many forms, love just hurt because we expect that people are able to love you in reciprocity , but love is just a gift , a present, sent and receveid by someone we choiced : there is no reciprocity at all ,we can send love in the same time!the most important is that people who loves you in different ways are in your life to proove it! enjoy every second of your life!

Comment by estel

Estel, let’s show Brandon and the rest of the band our unending love by supporting their upcoming album, that is, Monuments and Melodies to be released on record bars June of this year.

Sorry, I haven’t edited your comment before posting it. I’ll do it some other time, I promise. 🙂

Comment by jel

, does anybody know if incubus will come in europe, on their tour 2009?probably, not, i have to wait to hear them in live! lucky those who have heard them on live, real sound good vibrations, excellent.i only, have 3 albums of incubus, sorry, i discover them 2 months ago, i’m a brand new fan, i ‘m glad i’ve found the sound i’ve ever dreamt to hear! sorry to enjoy, i just enjoy the sound and lyrics, i’m not a musician to appreciate more than that, but i’m learning it, thanks, sorry for my crasy letter about brandon boyd,it is just a texte about an ideal ,i love this kind of artist!
have a good night bye…

Comment by estel

Check their site: http://www.enjoyincubus.com 🙂

Comment by jel

wow. she left, shes done.

iknowhowshefelt when she said she found an artist she will never be able to reach.

Brilliant minds, Brilliant kind.


Comment by Taylor Weston

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