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All About Ely, Marcus, Raimund, and Buddy

“Di ka Pinoy kapag wala ka dito!” yelled an e-heads aficionado on TV.

Kung bakit ba kasi wala ako dun! :C

Salamat sa artist at may E-heads PSP wallpaper na din ako! Yehey! Original image resized to 480 by 272 at http://www.resizeyourimage.com. 😀

Got this from a colleague, videos not from their recently concluded reunion concert but from their 1997 concert in the U.S.

— Forever would be fine.  Fine, fine time. —

— When you see it coming around, you just shake your head and walk away. —

The other 13 parts are here:  http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=schizo102


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i,m a fan of them but all i can do is buy their album…
want to see them reunited!!!
sa wakas i have d chance!

Comment by raymond

the deviant, poor me can’t attend their final set! Huhuhu.. High fives to those who will.

Comment by timebender

ang dami kong na miss sa eheads mula ng nag abroad ako..

Comment by jhon-ely

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