“The day I was born I was born free and that is my Privilege.”

September 23, 2008, 1:08 pm
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Honey and Clover or Hachimitsu to Kuroba, I watched the Japanese live version because of Toma Ikuta, I liked it.  But now that I had seen the manga, what can I say but Kawaii! Shiawase da.

Quotable Quotes:

Harada to Rika: You don’t need to have a home to go back to.  You already have me.  I will never leave your side.

Takemoto:  The thing called the ferris wheel is here so you can peacefully sit with the person you like and traverse the sky.

Nomiya to Yamada: You lousy girl, I told you to call me if something happened.

>> This was after he learned through Miwako that Yamada volunteered to work on weekends at Harada Design where Mayama, the one who just recently dumped her, works.  He called the Harada Design’s office to talk to Yamada, but Yamada insisted that she was doing okay, he had nothing to worry about.  Nomiya sensed otherwise.  He snatched his car keys from the desk and headed to Tokyo, which from Tottori is a nine-hour drive.  He arrived there and found out that Miwako requested the depressed Yamada to go to Tottori to give something to him.  Immediately, he — even though he hadn’t slept yet — drove back to Tottori.  He arrived there by afternoon.  Yamazaki, Nomiya’s colleague, kept Yamada busy all day touring Tottori after learning from Miwako that Nomiya was desperate to see her.  Nomiya was just in time when he got there.  Yamada just said that she really had to go back to Tokyo because it was getting late.  He grabbed her arm, dropped in the couch and said this before falling asleep:  “Yamada, don’t go back.  We’ll talk when I am awake.”

<Imagine that! Eighteen hours, almost a day of driving, without taking a rest, just to see a girl and console her.>  I like their “relationship” more than what the others have. <Kilig>

Hagumi-chan after being wrapped by Morita with a kiss and, literally, with a red scarf.  I rewinded it several times just to see again and again Morita’s expression after  the kiss.  I just laughed and laughed and laughed and wait, oh, I laughed. 😀

Mayama, Nomiya, Yamazaki

Nomiya, aishiteru wa.

In my Shinto-Buddhism, thou art the Nirvana!

Finally, I had watched Incubus’s Look Alive concert video! I was smiling the whole while I was seeing it.  I love it infinitely!!

I must say how lovely (say it British) CyberLink DVD player in my brother’s laptop is.  It has a capture video snapshot function and there I had almost 500 Incubus’s panoramas.  All of them I adore!

Here are some of my most, most favorites — to blink is to betray:






From percussion to string



Unnamed specie

Sunset Boulevard

Soliloquy:  To be or not to be.

Prague: Czech it out!

Grit to greet

A voice







Enough for I fear I may upload hundreds of photos here. 😀


Could you move in slow motion?
Everything goes by so fast
Just slow down a little
Save the best part for last

You speak in riddles
Your intentions turn me on
I’m your’s forever
Will you love me when I’m gone?

When I’m gone!

When I’m gone,
You’re an unfenced fire!
(When I’m gone,)
Over walls we’ve trampled!
(When I’m gone,)
It’s you I admire!
(When I’m gone,)
My living example…

Your eyes are an undiscovered ocean far away
Any minute now keeping
Both poets and priests at bay
Don’t get ahead of me
Could we just this once see eye to eye?
Could you want perhaps me?
Ask me how it feels to vie

To vie!

You’re an unfenced fire! (to vie)
Over walls we trampled! (to vie)
It’s you I admire! (to vie)
My living example…

It’s a photograph discovered a decade after
It’s a cannon blast disguised as a firecracker
It’s enough to bring a brick wall to its knees
And sing, please

Could you move in slow motion?
Everything goes by so fast
Just slow down a little
Save the best part for last.

I absorb thy “ectoplasm.”
September 20, 2008, 12:26 am
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Photos from his private art studio.  One entry to add to my list of things to do before I die; that is, to be in one of his art exhibits and own at least one of his artworks.

It’s how he says “Welcome, guests, to my art abode.”

And then if a lucky aficionado like I would be one of them guests of his, I will say, “Thank you!  Can I hug you then?” 😀

“Can I lean on thy shoulders while you’re thinking what to paint?”

“Lemonade, dearie, you want?” 

 Just thinking of him saying Robin Padilla’s lines to his heroine in the film Maging Sino Ka Man. 

Taas na nga mga kamay ko sa’yo eh.”  Tapos ako kausap niya, kunwari

What can I say but to sing “Mahal kita, basta’t mahal kita.” Wahahaha! 😀

Hat and sketchbook

 I am your inspiration, admit it! (I dream a dream and I see the angels fly!) 😀


Can I have you, please? I mean, can I have either the bunny or the kermit? You choose for me! 😀

The band is on hiatus for a year.  Mike enrolled in Harvard to study music and music history while Charles up above decided to take an art course in LA last July.

Here is an article about their back-to-school endeavour: 

“Summer vacation is almost over for two members of Incubus.

With their band enjoying a year on hiatus, singer Brandon Boyd has enrolled at a Los Angeles-area art college for the fall term, while guitarist Mike Einziger heads to Harvard.

“[I’m going] back to school, to prove to Dad that I’m not a fool,” Boyd, 32, tells PEOPLE, borrowing a line from the Adam Sandler comedy Billy Madison, about a man in his 30s who returns to the classroom.

Why now? “I never really had the time in the past 12 years,” says Boyd. “I actually left the beginnings of art school to go on tour.”

As for Einziger, 32, he was looking for a challenge. “It will be the first time in my whole life that I’ve ever gone to school because I wanted to go. I’ll appreciate it a lot more than I ever did as a kid,” says the guitarist, who spent the last year writing his first orchestral composition, which will be performed in Los Angeles next month.

Einziger will study music and science. Boyd will focus on painting and sculpture. Although Boyd’s artwork has appeared in Incubus videos and he has published two art books, the singer says he has “a need to humble myself in the presence of other artists who are younger, better and hungrier than I am. I think it will do good things for my ego.”

The musicians don’t, however, plan to partake in the non-academic side of the college experience. “If I was the old guy trolling for freshman on campus, that would be really weird,” laughs Boyd. “I’m probably not going to be experiencing too much of that.”

Incubus performs on the VH1 Rock Honors tribute to The Who, which airs Thursday, July 17 at 9 p.m. ” 

Words are by Scott Huver and the source is www.zimbio.com

September 17, 2008, 1:10 am
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Thanks to my lovely friends for giving me such a wonderful gift wrapped in a thick-inch newspaper, placed in a striking blue carton, adorned with an elegant white ribbon.

To Kat, who after I confused her name to be Diana Kristina still considers me as a friend – Hahaha –  Southern wind takes my consciousness away, I assume, that day when I called you that fancy name.  It’s Diana Katrina, for Chris’sake, Jel, kaya nga Kat eh!

And thanks sa Teddy Bear discussions! Hahaha.  I’ll buy you one this Christmas! Promise! 😀

To Mhea, who despite of me being in another dimension in times that we are together still chooses to walk with me from our office to SM Makati.  Mandy Moore, back off, those are our walks to remember —- forever.  Naks!!  Wabyu, mami!!

To Anna Banana, who was quite a performer at our videoke bonding.  To prove it, here’s the video — Joke lang.  Hahahaha.  Thanks sa idea sharing, when I needed someone to confide my weight problem — Problem talaga?! — I know you’ve been through there.  To prove it, here is a picture — joke ulit. <GRIN>  Thanks for listening and sharing your thoughts about a multitude of things. Dami! One thing I request, leave Toma to my care. Hahaha.

To Chona, who acts like a glucose to a flat drink.

Sa FX, matapos mapag-usapan ang ilang isyung pampulitika, ekonomiya — joke — about PBB, as far as I recall, ay nagtulug-tulugan kame ng konti, then nagising na lang ng malapit na bumaba.

Chona: Uy, malapit na tayo!

Tumigil ang FX sa tricycle terminal.  Naunang bumaba si Chona.  Si Jel ay nagulat ng bigla niyang sinabi ang ganito:

Chona:  (Langhap ng hangin.)  There is no place like home!  (Tumawa sa sinabi niya.)  “Home” talaga di ba?!  Nanakawan ka nga ng cellphone dito eh. (Cruella de Ville laughter.)

To Aui: Pre, musta?! Palda ka once tapos piktyuran ka namin padala natin sa ABS.  Malay mo ma-doble ka kay Matt Evans. Hahaha.. Salamat sa mga tsika with the chorva, chenes inclitics.  Healthy discussion talaga kapag inaasar mo si Mhea, so awe-inspiring. Hahaha.. 😀

One thank you won’t be enough, so I decided to make it 10: (Assyrian) Basima, Arabic (Syria)Mamnuun, Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan, Iran) Tæshækkür elæyiræm, Burmese (Myanmar) Chezu ba, Cantonese [Chinese] (China) Doh je, Egyptian (ancient Egypt) Dua Netjer en etj, English [old English] (old Britain) Ic sæcge eow þancas, Fijian (Fiji) Vinaka, Greek [Hellenic] (Greece, Cyprus) Efcharisto, Hawaiian (Hawaii) Mahalo.

And to all of those who remembered, Merci, Arigato gozaimashita, Gratiam habeo, Kam sia. <Ismayl>

September 16, 2008, 2:10 pm
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When I have nothing to do but to capture panoramas of me.

All when I am 23.

To Celebrate One’s Birthday Holding a Wok and a Siyanse.
September 16, 2008, 12:59 pm
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“It’s 9:00 a.m.  Your twenty-third year of existence in this earth begins now!  Ay, hindi, madaling araw ka ata.  Tama ba?  Yung 9:00 a.m. si kuya Jorge mo yata yun eh.  Basta nagla-labor ako madaling araw nun.”

Nay, anu ba talaga ang katotohanan? Oh, bigla mo bang sasabihin sakin, “This is the right time to say it, I think.  Anak, ampon ka lang.”  <Yugyug.> <LOLs>  Aishite Imasu, okaasan.

I was supposed to invite them to eat in some Japanese restaurant eating Japanese food but we end up cooking pasta in meat sauce at my place, what is clasically known as spaghetti /ispagheyti/.  Quite tiring but It’s a fun, fun way to celebrate one’s birthday, in this case, my birthday.

“Iron Chefs!”

Julliened then chopped.

Istrawberry keyks forever!

To the rescue chopping the carrots.


While all turned like Ganesha after eating what we prepared and we were in the middle of cleaning up, a discussion like this made our full belly want to explode of laughter.

Jendell:  Uyst, husay natin!  Pede na tayo mag-business nito!

Ann:  Teka, wait, teka!!! Ay, kapag nag-business tayo ng ganto, ayaw ko dishwasher ha!!!!  

(Sidetracked.) Wala na akong aanlawan, taba, bagal mag-sabon oh!

Ayreen:  (Pabulong) Kakapagod naman tong cooking-bonding endeavour na toh!


All About Ely, Marcus, Raimund, and Buddy

“Di ka Pinoy kapag wala ka dito!” yelled an e-heads aficionado on TV.

Kung bakit ba kasi wala ako dun! :C

Salamat sa artist at may E-heads PSP wallpaper na din ako! Yehey! Original image resized to 480 by 272 at http://www.resizeyourimage.com. 😀

Got this from a colleague, videos not from their recently concluded reunion concert but from their 1997 concert in the U.S.

— Forever would be fine.  Fine, fine time. —

— When you see it coming around, you just shake your head and walk away. —

The other 13 parts are here:  http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=schizo102