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Now, when it rains, it would rain cats and dogs, elephant and ants, and tamaraws and tarsiers and pilandoks and the extinct fish species of Laguna Lake.
August 23, 2008, 7:49 am
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I watched mi amore Brandon Boyd accept together with his bandmate/best buddy Mike Einzeger their Environmental Media Associations “Missions in Music Award” for promoting environmental causes through their Incubus music. Then I shifted to Al Gore‘s Congress speech about Global Warming, then to GMA7’s Signos:Banta ng Nagbabagong Klima documentary, which I haven’t watched yet because of its late-night airing.

In 2 of 7, 8:00 of 10:23, it reflects a big part of the Filipino culture, to wit, religious ideology, mainly that of Catholicism, Juan dela Cruz’s Excalibur against global warming.

I ♥ [Armando Mendoza more than] Betty La Fea

On the last day of my “three-day suspension,” which I may blame to Big Brother’s cost-cutting idealism, I thought of wasting my time on the virtual world; namely, searching for “I miss you” guitar chords, which in my dreams I could play, after sneaking on my brother’s room to get his magnificent guitar; apparently writing a new post here; chatting with my friends at gmail; watching Ice Age Meltdown that I downloaded through torrent; visiting jigenski’s site to download new PSP games — it’s been close to three weeks since I held that precious console of mine in my hands — among others.

I read a tabloid, Pilipino Star Ngayon, to begin my day. Broadsheets aren’t the scroll of local news here in our household. There are two parts of it that I usually browse: the editorial section for the Pagkain sa Araw-araw daily article, a close kin of Tempo’s Lakbay-Diwa, and the local entertainment section. They’re a better read than “Lola Sinilaban ang Sarili, in red fonts, all caps, “dahil sa kahirapan,” in a much smaller black font, underlined, I guess. Other eye-catching articles for me would include those about health and leisure, which rarely are featured. I remember extracting an article about what plants could one plant during dry season, which points a finger to the legume family, for a high school biology report that revolved around the question of water preservation and land utilization for species to continually propagate.

On the entertainment section, I found one small poster accompanied by a short article for a channel’s new evening show, I love Betty La Fea, a Filipino adaptation of a popular Mexican, as far as I recall, drama series — or as we Filipinos call it, telenovela — Yo soy Betty La Fea, which translates as “I am Betty La Fea.” Its story revolves around Betty Pinzon, an ugly but intelligent woman working for a fashion firm called Eco Moda as assistant to the president, who is Armando Mendoza. I never cared for the news about it until I learned through that newspaper article who the actor is to portray Armando Mendoza, Betty’s boss-love interest. It’s JOHN LLOYD CRUZ. He’s bonnie as a dew drop, well, at least in my opinion. I’m sure to watch that program because of him.

You cutey! 😀