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Nostalgia in the black-and-white panoramas
July 25, 2008, 11:24 am
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The cats were on the newspapers again, tearing all the papers including the edge of all the photo albums placed beside them. Gnaw and then reach for the other cat’s tail then gnaw again to release its frustration for not being able to bite hard on that tail. I managed to place them outside after running back and forth from our sala, reaching for them under a disarray of computer wires, to the kitchen while they attempt to hide under a leg of the dining chair. After that hoo-ha, I arranged the mess that they have created. I picked up the loose newspapers, then I reached for the blue album with a “Close to You” poem and a picture of a couple with a labrador in its cover. The poem goes like this: Close to you/ I will always stay close to you. /Though, you are far away/ You’ll always be near. It’s quite great of a poem, right? in Dr. Gregory House’s tone.  If this is a song, I won’t sing it even if it tops the chart.  <Sigh> I remember this photo album as one of the elementary graduation gifts I received for being an honorable mention together with a set of dessert glasses among others. I was really thankful for the gifts, but do you have a rag doll there instead, please?
I opened to see what pictures lurk in there, and I found old black-and-white photos of relatives that I have not known, my young mother with her friends, my grandparents, my cousins. Some of those photos have dedications written on their back. One would say, “Dearest Cousin, This is a simple remembrance when I was three years old.” While the other one dated 12-12-72 would state, “Take this picture as a remembrance during our capping ceremony.” It’s a 35-year-old photo, a story well-preserved.

Lucy in Across the Universe believes that its mere narcissism to have children, for a mother to cuddle her newborn child and then say, oh,

she got my eyes, so adorable, but these children’s mothers wouldn’t agree with her view.

There are photos of weddings, of Santacruzans, of beauty pageants and of christenings. The oldest is the December 8, 1954 photo of a burial — a grieving family all dressed in black with their deceased loved one in an open casket — which I dare not post here.

“Date, Happiness” “Everdearest Luz, When you go to Zamboanga with a beautiful Americana,

don’t forget a simple Pilipina, *Cresensia ti nagan na.” “Never 2 4-get, Esing.”

“Dearest Kumareng Luz, May you keep this as a simple remembrance from us. Your kumare, Conching.”

Of friends: “Darling Luz, Remember dear and bear in mind that faithful friends are hard to find.

If you find someone that is true, don’t change the old for the sake of the new.”

And this is a photo of my mother and her confidant in their ol’ boarding house. I simply like it. 😀

And now, the old, blue photo album finds its value storing these epic panoramas.

* Written in Ilocano, its translation is, Cresencia ang pangalan niya.

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