“The day I was born I was born free and that is my Privilege.”

Toque is on my head

I was supposed to be holding that cooking pan yesterday cooking chicken and veggies but my brother decided that he wanted spaghetti and french toast, so my mother and I went to the grocery to ransack its shelves for the ingredients that we needed. My brother kindly gave us a few pesos to buy pasta and what have you.  He was never fond of going to the market and bearing the burden of carrying those goods home. But nonetheless, going in the grocery, first, buying what I need, and then looking and getting fascinated for the things uncommon in the shelves, is my favorite pastime. In my creative writing class in college, a course I was forced to take, I even wrote an essay about the grocer. And my professor’s critique was, it was okay but it lacked “delicious-sounding words.” Oh, okay.

My mother, when we were in front of the dairy products, panicked when I suddenly shouted. And when she asked me what’s wrong, I just said, “Whipped cream, it’s whipped cream. Let’s get outta here.” She laughed at me. But why? 😛


I craved for chicken curry — I tell you not because of Honey and Clover’s first episode — so I decided to search the net for the recipe. Our very helpful cookbook doesn’t have curry as ingredient in its chicken curry. And then I asked myself, is that really curry or just chicken with coco cream? Maybe they just forgot to type in a tablespoon of curry. Yeah, that’s one brilliant explanation. I got a chicken curry recipe over the net and then I find chicken and asparagus fried rice delicious, so I printed that out, too.

I went to work this morning with my mind set that I will get that sambal oelek in the grocery — which, by the way, I didn’t find in any of the grocer shelves — and go home early to cook our dinner. I was afraid of using that one in my curry because it’s my first time to hear about that Indonesian all-spice, as I researched, so it’s a good thing that it was not there.  Kat accompanied me in the grocery and told me that tanglad is lemongrass. I was excited to buy the asparagus, but on the cashier I was shocked that it costs 60 kachings just for a bunch. I thought I heard Kat said that it was only for 30 pesos per bunch, so I bought two and never really looked at the price tag. Oh, well, it is crunchy delicious, not a waste of money. I bought baby potatoes too for the curry. They are carbohydrate-y cutey. And even it’s not in the ingredient’s list, I grabbed the sayote tops. My mother and I loved the classic Sautéed Chayote.

I arrived home, put out the contents of the bags, putting into practice — oh, yeah — what I learned from watching those cooking programs on TV, I heard the knife converse with the wooden chopping board, the heated pan with the siyanse. Now, while doing that, one of Patapon’s minigame, the chef game, comes to mind.

I was not intending to cook the fried rice but I found cold cooked rice in the cooker — you got there almost a tongue twister, hehe — and besides I want the asparagus, so I cooked it.

And I don’t really know if this looks delicious, but here it is, my chicken curry on chicken and asparagus fried rice. Chicken feast. 😀

I rarely cook and my dearest mother was very thankful of her daughter’s little good deed for today. You’re welcome, ma! On the other hand, my lovely brother commented, “Uy, kinarir ha. Pang-mayaman.” <Hay, nako, kumain ka na lang!>

It is tiring yet a fulfilling task.

Now, what will I cook next? <Sonreisa>