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I was so frantic when Kat told me about the reunion concert of ERASERHEADS! They are scheduled of their one-night only performance on the 30th of August at the CCP Grounds. I am so excited and I just cannot hide it. <JUMPS> I heard the ticket is for free. You just have to register, and that I still need to find out how.

Here are videos of Ely Buendia performing ERASERHEADS songs on his concert in Australia. A former officemate of mine, who is also a ERASERHEADS fan, kindly shared me this YouTube link: http://youtube.com/profile_videos?user=StayDefiant&p=r

And here is the Poorman’s Grave Video:

Bits and pieces of ERASERHEADS history.

“It was in 1989 when four college students from the University of the Philippines decided to merge and form a new group. Bassist Buddy Zabala and guitarist Marcus Adoro of the band Curfew hooked up with guitarist Ely Buendia and drummer Raimund Marasigan of Sunday School with the intention of playing music inside the campus during programs and events.”

“We form a band so we could attract girls sa campus. Hindi kasi kami marunong mag-basketball kaya banda na lang.” <Ely, Buddy, Marcus, Raimund.>

“One particular song that stood out among the earliest materials was the song titled “Pare Ko”—a straightforward ditty about spurned love, laced with obscenities and street-smart lyrics.”

“Ayaw kong kontrahin, e. Ayaw kong pag-isipan. Masyado pang ano, kumbaga, naaalala ko nang lumabas ‘yung Ultra” Ely’s comment on Julie Tearjerky’s success at the Singapore and Indonesian music charts.

“One of the main reasons I decided to help the band record the now legendary Pop-U! was that in the event that they never got a recording contract, I wanted it to serve as permanent proof of the creativity of their youth.” An interview with Robin Rivera, a UP professor who helped the band on its startup years.

“Label reps said the record was not pop enough and unsuited for the airwaves. Upset but still upbeat, the band sarcastically named their demo record Pop-U! as mock response to the “not-pop-enough” comments.”

“And that’s what the ERASERHEADS came to offer. Aside from the straightforward lyrics and catchy tunes, the image of Ely, Buddy, Marcus and Raimund wearing t-shirts, jeans and sneakers held the young listeners captive. With the band’s ruggedness and irreverent attitude, the ERASERHEADS was a breath of fresh air in the midst of well-groomed balladeers and suave crooners. The ERASERHEADS tackled the usual adolescent concerns in their music—campus life, unreciprocated love, friendships, vices and other mundane subjects—with tongue-in-cheek lyrics.”

For the full article, enter on this URL: http://www.gmanews.tv/story/84666/PEPs-Eraserheads-saga-The-making-and-unmaking-of-a-rock-n-roll-dream

And now I say, Mabuhay ang Musikang Pilipino! ROCK ON! 😀


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good luck naman sa panonood ng free concert with people from all walks of life. 😀

Comment by kat

Waahh, basta masaya yun..
Slow, it hurts so fine.. slow, I’m killing time, My lemon limeee… Woohoo..

Comment by timebender

I’m looking forward to seeing all of them again. I wasn’t really much of a fan back in those days when their hits started coming out. Yup. I was in fifth or sixth grade that time and the songs that rang in my head back then were “Paraluman”(only to realize later on that the songtitle was actually “Ang Huling El Bimbo”)and “Fruitcake” (I never had a grasp of the double entendre in that song until the day someone pointed it out; I was so naive)

Just a little gossip an officemate shared with me:
Each of the members of the legendary rock band were reportedly paid two million pesos by Marlboro. I hope this doesn’t mean that Marlboro had to bribe them just to be together in an event! Otherwise, it would really spoil the fun in seeing them together again, especially seeing them perform when their hearts’ are not into it. Awww!
Hope the Eraserheads isn’t just there because of the money.

Comment by jendz

Got that addiction from my brother, hehe, that’s his type of music when he was in high school, kahit hanggang ngayon. Inaway ko nga yun one time kasi di ko makuha yung chords ng Huwag mo na Itanong. Ayaw akong turuan.. hehehe..

And read from a thread, ewan ko kung exaggeration, 10K daw each. Oo nga eh, pero sabi nga dun sa email wala na tayong pakialam dun basta andun sila lahat at magperform sila for their fans for less than an hour.. tapos.. hehehe. 🙂

Comment by timebender

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