“The day I was born I was born free and that is my Privilege.”

Ups and Downs
July 10, 2008, 11:27 am
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Big Brother set a new work schedule for us. Fortunate I to start with the morning schedule, not thinking as of the moment of the afternoon schedule that I will be having next month and the six-day workweek.  I will wake up at 4:00 a.m., then prepare my lunch, eat breakfast, which is really important for me. I get nauseous and lightheaded when I don’t eat a single grain first thing in the morning. A banana will do for me. But to eat a full meal in the morning will also save me money just by keeping my hands off of buying a bread of salt somewhere near our office.

Lightheadedness caused by not eating well came to me many times. One would be in a crowded local market a day before Christmas when my mother woke me up early and requested me to buy, as far as I recall, coconut milk for her rice cakes. A lady got angry with me when she thought I was pushing her and realized that something was wrong when I fell down. I was escorted on a stall selling rock salt, let me sat on a stool, and the next thing I knew was, when I opened my eyes a woman asked me if I was okay and immediately gave me my money, which I tightly hold in my hand when I fell down because I was worried my mother would be angry at me if I lost it though I know that she would not be, when she saw me motioning my hands. An empty stomach and going to the raw meat section in the market would make me lightheaded; not eating lunch because I feel my legs resemble a log would make me call my brother to fetch me because I could not go home alone. <Grin>

And not to make this a personal medical report, I would say that I am also an agoraphobic. I would rather attend a Sunday mass in June when only several pews are occupied rather than in December.

Now, back to my great Big Brother. He changed our schedule, as I said, transferred us to a smelly, Gobi desert office after his big, fat, ugly sister refused to lower the rent per post, and not really saying what his current financial status is. Poor me, I cannot abandon Big Brother for, I tell you, a valid reason.

But staring at the shining star of optimism, I would say not leaving Big Brother and living with my current schedule allows me to visit mySoju and Crunchyroll — I crunch you, Ikuta Toma — and other really interesting virtual worlds; be with my lovely friends, laugh with them and tease an addict friend who likes to perfume herself with the scent of rugby — peace yoh, mami; have more time to download torrents, games and movies, for my PSP <cartwheel>; have more PSP playtime — I will get my Sim to fish a shark soon!; bond with my brother early in the morning as he walks me to where I can ride a tricycle going to the terminal — thanks, kuya; play catch-me-if-you-can with Po; and many more things.   Just seeing greatness with small things. <Big Grin

Oh, got a new buddy for my PSP. Kat wanted a CP holder, so we searched Landmark, bought a holder that she liked and found this cute little cloth notebook or, as imprinted on it, a Love Album. And to that tag I refuse to say nothing more and be not a Bitter Ocampo or I will just yell Brandon gazillion times. 😛


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