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A Sunday with Aubrey
July 7, 2008, 8:03 am
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I thought of spending the whole Sunday watching CSI: Las Vegas and downloading torrent mp4 files on the Internet. I went home late Saturday night after going out with my friends at the office, wrapping up our day eating a yummy carrot cake at Tsoko Nut. When I got home, Po said hello to me waggling his tail.

Here is Po giving me my slippers, all right, all right, getting it from me.

Getting angry at the paparazzi

I asked my brother if he had received texts from my friends without telling him that I posted his number on my friends’ Friendster page after my 3200 phone was lost. I could not send a private message, so I ranted on the testimonials and comments section that a good Samaritan deceived me and got away with my phone. Quite embarrassing but I do not know how to contact them, so I did that and at the same time indicated there my brother’s number. I didn’t really ask my brother if someone texted him saying, “Puwede ka ba maging textmate?” πŸ˜€

I went to my mother’s room and yelled my usual “Hey, yo, momma, am home.” She was quite sleepy when she told me that Jandy and Ann phoned me. I didn’t really get their message because my half-asleep mother told me just words and phrases like “Aalis daw kayo,” “Jandy,” “lamay.” I panicked, “What? Who died?” She didn’t explain more and just said that she wrote Ann’s number on a paper, which she put somewhere. And somewhere is quite vague. Would you agree? While searching for a paper that was placed somewhere, the phone rang. It was Ann telling me that we would go out that Sunday, that Jandy’s family thingy was canceled and she was the one who requested for us to watch a film, which is Urduja. And Jandy clarified when we saw each other the following day that she would go to a wake that evening and told my mom that it was best for me to contact her at 11:00 that night or the following day. Okay. It was that that happened.

Jandy was with her niece, Aubrey, when I saw them at the terminal. Aubrey’s mother was at work that day, and Jandy decided to take Aubrey to watch Urduja with us. We just waited for Ann and headed to Megamall where we would wait for our two friends, Ayreen and Jendell. We arrived early. While waiting for the others, we decided to go to the cinema on the third floor to see Urduja’s screening time, but to our dismay, especially the five-year-old kiddo’s, Urduja was not on the cinema’s list. Will Smith’s Hancock occupied most of the cinemas. Kung Fu Panda, Totally Spies, and Incredible Hulk and My Monster Mom were the GP films. Ann did not want to watch Totally Spies and we did not want My Monster Mom. We were left with Kung Fu Panda and Incredible Hulk, but we had to wait for our two friends before we decide what to watch. We went to the food court because Aubrey really wanted to watch Urduja and we kept on telling her that it was not shown there anymore, so to make her quite, my friend Jandy bought her, her favorite burger steak and chocolate sundae at Jollibee.

We let her eat while waiting for Ayreen and Jendell, who were, as always, late. Sally and I got into a conversation. I insisted on her to tell me who she was referring to in her blog, her “Mr. Just Smile and I am happy.” She refused at first but after being envied by Aubrey’s burger steak and buying her Sisig at Balot-Balot, she told me who Mr. Just Smile and I am happy is.

We watched Kung Fu Panda. I told them that it was okay for me to watch it even though I had already seen the film on my PSP. I love it and want to watch it in the big screen. Ayreen bought popcorn and cokes for us after Aubrey, who was perfectly coached by Ann, told Ayreen that she was hungry and would like to have donuts. And to back it up, we said lines such as “We haven’t eaten yet because we waited for you.” πŸ˜€

While watching the film, Aubrey, who was not quite as shy as before, got out of her box.

Shouting inside the cinema: “Pahingi ng popcorn” [Pass the popcorn, please.]

Speaking to me: “Anung pangalan mo? Kilala mo ba tita ko? Sige nga, anung pangalan ng nanay niya?”

Speaking to her tita: “Gagawin ko ang gusto mo, tatahimik ako, pero ang gusto ko buksan mo ang ilaw. Madilim.”

“Bakit kasi di tayo nanuod ng Urduja dati pa? Sinong gustong manuod ng Urduja? Taas kamay.”

While watching the film:

“Aubrey: Tita, ano yung “I don’t know”?

Jandy: Di ko alam.

Aubrey: Ay, hindi mo alam.

Jandy: Hindi, I don’t know, hindi ko alam.”

When the audience laughed at Po: “Bakit kayo tumatawa?”

After she finished eating her share of popcorn: “Pahingi pa ng popcorn.” [We just laughed because we could not give her no more, and she consumed almost a bucket. :)]

And Ann, dunno, maybe just got confused and asked, “Panda din ba si Tai Lung?” <LOL>

Funny Aubrey drinking her iced tea.

After eating her fair share of burger steak, which Ann wants for herself too.

Ayreen, me, and Aubrey.

Whiny Aubrey with the rest of the gang. My friend refused to buy her the 600-peso cookware toy set.

Sabi nga ni Ann, “Uy, may bago tayong barkada ha.” πŸ˜€

I was to buy a bag with a cutey-kitty print on it as well as Ayreen, but we decided to not buy it after seeing other beautiful bags but which we cannot afford. We went to Ann and Jandy who, at that time, found a pair of sandals and it was on sale. Ann got the yellow while Jandy, on the other hand, got hold of the black. I find the yellow one adorable and bought a pair for myself. It is quite girly, though. Hehe. πŸ˜€


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This reminds me that I need to go back there and buy the tempting bags we’ve seen.

Comment by jendz

Hey, this is the first time I knew about Po, your dog. ^^ This really meant I owe your mom a visit.

Comment by jendz

onga eh, ganda ng print nun mga bags na yun..

Yes, it’s Po, hehe, bago lang siya, binigay sa nanay ko nung kapitbahay namn. πŸ™‚

Comment by timebender

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