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Nostalgia in the black-and-white panoramas
July 25, 2008, 11:24 am
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The cats were on the newspapers again, tearing all the papers including the edge of all the photo albums placed beside them. Gnaw and then reach for the other cat’s tail then gnaw again to release its frustration for not being able to bite hard on that tail. I managed to place them outside after running back and forth from our sala, reaching for them under a disarray of computer wires, to the kitchen while they attempt to hide under a leg of the dining chair. After that hoo-ha, I arranged the mess that they have created. I picked up the loose newspapers, then I reached for the blue album with a “Close to You” poem and a picture of a couple with a labrador in its cover. The poem goes like this: Close to you/ I will always stay close to you. /Though, you are far away/ You’ll always be near. It’s quite great of a poem, right? in Dr. Gregory House’s tone.  If this is a song, I won’t sing it even if it tops the chart.  <Sigh> I remember this photo album as one of the elementary graduation gifts I received for being an honorable mention together with a set of dessert glasses among others. I was really thankful for the gifts, but do you have a rag doll there instead, please?
I opened to see what pictures lurk in there, and I found old black-and-white photos of relatives that I have not known, my young mother with her friends, my grandparents, my cousins. Some of those photos have dedications written on their back. One would say, “Dearest Cousin, This is a simple remembrance when I was three years old.” While the other one dated 12-12-72 would state, “Take this picture as a remembrance during our capping ceremony.” It’s a 35-year-old photo, a story well-preserved.

Lucy in Across the Universe believes that its mere narcissism to have children, for a mother to cuddle her newborn child and then say, oh,

she got my eyes, so adorable, but these children’s mothers wouldn’t agree with her view.

There are photos of weddings, of Santacruzans, of beauty pageants and of christenings. The oldest is the December 8, 1954 photo of a burial — a grieving family all dressed in black with their deceased loved one in an open casket — which I dare not post here.

“Date, Happiness” “Everdearest Luz, When you go to Zamboanga with a beautiful Americana,

don’t forget a simple Pilipina, *Cresensia ti nagan na.” “Never 2 4-get, Esing.”

“Dearest Kumareng Luz, May you keep this as a simple remembrance from us. Your kumare, Conching.”

Of friends: “Darling Luz, Remember dear and bear in mind that faithful friends are hard to find.

If you find someone that is true, don’t change the old for the sake of the new.”

And this is a photo of my mother and her confidant in their ol’ boarding house. I simply like it. 😀

And now, the old, blue photo album finds its value storing these epic panoramas.

* Written in Ilocano, its translation is, Cresencia ang pangalan niya.

Toque is on my head

I was supposed to be holding that cooking pan yesterday cooking chicken and veggies but my brother decided that he wanted spaghetti and french toast, so my mother and I went to the grocery to ransack its shelves for the ingredients that we needed. My brother kindly gave us a few pesos to buy pasta and what have you.  He was never fond of going to the market and bearing the burden of carrying those goods home. But nonetheless, going in the grocery, first, buying what I need, and then looking and getting fascinated for the things uncommon in the shelves, is my favorite pastime. In my creative writing class in college, a course I was forced to take, I even wrote an essay about the grocer. And my professor’s critique was, it was okay but it lacked “delicious-sounding words.” Oh, okay.

My mother, when we were in front of the dairy products, panicked when I suddenly shouted. And when she asked me what’s wrong, I just said, “Whipped cream, it’s whipped cream. Let’s get outta here.” She laughed at me. But why? 😛


I craved for chicken curry — I tell you not because of Honey and Clover’s first episode — so I decided to search the net for the recipe. Our very helpful cookbook doesn’t have curry as ingredient in its chicken curry. And then I asked myself, is that really curry or just chicken with coco cream? Maybe they just forgot to type in a tablespoon of curry. Yeah, that’s one brilliant explanation. I got a chicken curry recipe over the net and then I find chicken and asparagus fried rice delicious, so I printed that out, too.

I went to work this morning with my mind set that I will get that sambal oelek in the grocery — which, by the way, I didn’t find in any of the grocer shelves — and go home early to cook our dinner. I was afraid of using that one in my curry because it’s my first time to hear about that Indonesian all-spice, as I researched, so it’s a good thing that it was not there.  Kat accompanied me in the grocery and told me that tanglad is lemongrass. I was excited to buy the asparagus, but on the cashier I was shocked that it costs 60 kachings just for a bunch. I thought I heard Kat said that it was only for 30 pesos per bunch, so I bought two and never really looked at the price tag. Oh, well, it is crunchy delicious, not a waste of money. I bought baby potatoes too for the curry. They are carbohydrate-y cutey. And even it’s not in the ingredient’s list, I grabbed the sayote tops. My mother and I loved the classic Sautéed Chayote.

I arrived home, put out the contents of the bags, putting into practice — oh, yeah — what I learned from watching those cooking programs on TV, I heard the knife converse with the wooden chopping board, the heated pan with the siyanse. Now, while doing that, one of Patapon’s minigame, the chef game, comes to mind.

I was not intending to cook the fried rice but I found cold cooked rice in the cooker — you got there almost a tongue twister, hehe — and besides I want the asparagus, so I cooked it.

And I don’t really know if this looks delicious, but here it is, my chicken curry on chicken and asparagus fried rice. Chicken feast. 😀

I rarely cook and my dearest mother was very thankful of her daughter’s little good deed for today. You’re welcome, ma! On the other hand, my lovely brother commented, “Uy, kinarir ha. Pang-mayaman.” <Hay, nako, kumain ka na lang!>

It is tiring yet a fulfilling task.

Now, what will I cook next? <Sonreisa>

I’ll pass the ball and then hug the coach.
July 20, 2008, 7:09 am
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It was an almost rainy afternoon. I rushed out of our house, headed to the terminal, prayed to the Almighty that the bus’s every seat will be filled easily and the driver not to make every meter a loading area. I got off the bus, walked a number of stairs, bought a ticket, ran to get to the first cab of the train and finally reached Ortigas station. Walking under the thatched, wet walkway and having the feeling that I was filming indie with the strum of a blind man’s guitar as a musical score, I arrived at the Galleria, which I have never been to before, and headed immediately to Ministop, our rendezvous. Like a lost child, a good-looking stranger almost tried to help me, but I acted like a civilized woman and looked somewhere else near the area to find my friends. And they said they were near the statue, which I thought by myself was a really big one. Thinking my way where to find my friends in front of the statue, I uttered Mother Mary, help me. And Voila, my friends were there. We tried a taxi to get away from the busy street of Meralco Avenue, but the persistent Galleria traffic man kept on following us, even when we were near EDSA he kept on following us, and we wanted to sing, Let Us Be, Let Us Be. To add to our malady, all taxis there seemed to be on the peek of their business as they were all occupied. Great, now, the problem is, would we get there on time? Would we see Ann pass and shoot that ball? We gave up the taxi ride and tried to battle with the traffic at the Meralco Avenue. My friend, seemed like begging for alms to drivers where she went from jeepney to jeepney asking if they would pass Gate 2 of Meralco. Finally, we got a ride on a jeepney when its driver promised us that he would drop us off at Meralco, Gate 2. We’ve never been there before, so we were looking for the Home Depot like a skilled hunter, the only landmark that Ann gave us, and like a contortionist, we moved our heads and bodies just to see the outside world because the jeepney is like a a tepee with human bodies as walls. It is really crowded. Even the door was blocked. We thought the driver forgot his promise and Jendz kept on asking him, “Kuya, dito na po ba yung Gate 2?” We arrived there finally.

Inside the Meralco compound, we felt like we were in Subic Bay Freeport, and that time I remember, struggling inside the MRT, my eyes caught an ad promoting the new route going to Subic Bay and thought that maybe the jeepney took that route. It was like the Monolith empire is there with all their scaffoldings. Where is the port? I asked. We laughed at the idea and acted like we were in a bonfire asking each other, Who’s Afraid of the Dark? <Grin>

We walked a half mile till we reached the Fitness Center. We ran with excitement going inside. The game just started with the score of 4-5, Ann’s team leading. I was getting a picture of the game until the lens caught a terribly good-looking coach, my friend’s team’s coach.

Coach Charles in support of his team.

Coach, I tell you, just your mere presence and your players’ morale is up AS WELL as their lovely friends’. <Just like Mami, move your shoulders up and down while giggling.> 😀

All for One, One for All still in spite that they lost the game for five points.

The Team with their cute coach. 🙂

Cheerers!! Pom-poms out. 🙂

Jandy was late. She reasoned that the driver was a liar and dropped her off at Gate 1 instead of Gate 2, and because of that, she walked a thousand miles. And we teased her if really she attended a Badminton practice earlier that day. We eyed her huge earrings, her party top, and asked her like Sherlock Holmes where did she go. She said that it was really in a badminton court that she had gone to while showing her rubber shoes, the badminton racket in her transparent bag. We laughed.

At the jeepney, Ann said, “Ang cute ng coach namin noh. Mabait pa yun.” And I immediately nod my head to agree with what she was saying. And she told us facts about him, that he is now engaged, that he soon will transfer to the HR department due to some issues with his boss in the account where he is a team leader, that he is a good coach, that he would let his team ride in his Picanto after a weekly practice, that he got a short stint in Ang TV when he was a kid, delivering jokes such as: Anung fish ang sumusulat? Ano? Eh di, la-fish. <Toinks> Nice meeting you, coach.

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“Dream is Destiny.”
July 19, 2008, 8:42 am
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It slipped off my mind that we will see Ann play her last BPOlympics basketball match later this afternoon at the Meralco theater. Ayreen just texted me last night through my brother’s phone, which, by the way, my brother jokingly told me to read a message in his phone on a gesture of putting the phone in front of my face. How lovely of my brother! When we last met, Ann requested us to see her last game, Be there and take a picture of me playing. Come on, it’s my last game. I’ve invited you to watch me play since my first match and you never came, I remember her ranting to that effect.

The game is scheduled at past 6:00. My other friends are killing time somewhere while waiting for us to meet at the Galleria. I spent the earlier part of this day watching Across the Universe, a musical film by Julie Taymor. I’ve heard about it from a friend. Intrigued, I downloaded it .AVI. I’ve loved musicals, musical films, after I watched RENT, and I dream of being in the ensemble of RENT and singing SEASONS OF LOVE with all my heart. One great scene is La Vie Boheme and I like Angel and Collins’ rendition of I’ll Cover You.

With Across the Universe, it came to mind that song interpretation differs by context. As an example, Beatles’ I Want You Bad was used to depict Uncle Sam’s persuasion of his men to serve his country by being a part of the support force in Vietnam as well as to show Sadie and her partner’s affection toward each other. Another would be Sturgess’ and Anderson’s Strawberry Fields, now, I think of love and war hearing that song.

Fifteen minutes and I am off here.

Last Cinemanila, I’ve seen Julie Delpy’s self-produced, self-written film, Duox Jours A Paris, with an English title of Two Days in Paris, which she starred opposite Adam Goldberg and her real-life parents, as far as I remember. I like Delpy in Before Sunrise, Before Sunset opposite Ethan Hawke, but I guess reading its script would be far better than watching the film. Seeing her in Duox Jours A Paris made me like Delpy more as an actress.

It’s interesting to see her again acting her role in Richard Linklater’s, her director for Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Waking Life. It’s my first time to see it, though it’s a 2001 Linklater film. I searched for its script and I think it’s one film worth watching. Utorrent, work fast… please. 🙂

Here is an excerpt:


(Main character walks through the airport and telephones his friend – 322.0031. There’s a girl there, and he sees her.)

Hey man, it’s me. Um, I just got back into town. I thought maybe I could bum a ride off you or something, but that’s cool. I could probably just take a cab, something like that. Um — Yeah, I guess I’ll hang out with you later, something like that.


(A boat car drives up in front of the airport)

Ahoy there matey! You in for the long haul? You need a little hitch in your get-along, a little lift on down the line?

Oh, um, yeah, actually, I was waiting for a cab or something, but if you want to …

All right. Don’t miss the boat.

(He gets in.) Hey, thanks.

Not a problem. Anchors aweigh!

So what do you think of my little vessel? She’s what we call “see-worthy.” S-E-E. See with your eyes. I feel like my transport should be an extension of my personality. Voila. And this? This is like my little window to the world, and every minute it’s a different show. Now, I may not understand it. I may not even necessarily agree with it. But I’ll tell you what, I accept it and just sort of glide along. You want to keep things on an even keel I guess is what I’m saying. You want to go with the flow. The sea refuses no river. The idea is to remain in a state of constant departure while always arriving. Saves on introductions and good-byes. The ride does not require an explanation. Just occupants. That’s where you guys come in. It’s like you come onto this planet with a crayon box. Now, you may get the 8-pack, you may get the 16-pack. But it’s all in what you do with the crayons, the colors that you’re given. And don’t worry about drawing within the lines or coloring outside the lines. I say color outside the lines. You know what I mean? Color right off the page. Don’t box me in. We’re in motion to the ocean. We are not landlocked, I’ll tell ya that. So where do you want out?

Uh, who, me? Am I first? Um, I don’t know. Really, anywhere is fine.

Well, just — just give me an address or something, okay?

Uh —

(The guy sitting next to him in the back seat speaks up) Tell you what, go up three more streets, take a right, go two more blocks, drop this guy off on the next corner.

Where’s that?

Well I don’t know either, but it’s somewhere, and it’s going to determine the course of the rest of your life. All ashore that’s going ashore. Ha ha ha ha ha. Toot, toot.


Now, I’m late.

Another excerpt from the same site:

(Two kids — a girl and a boy — playing a game of “frog”)

Um, pick a color.

B-L-U-E. Pick a number.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Pick one more number.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. Pick another number.


Okay. “Dream is destiny.”

(S) (O)ne d(O)w(N)
July 15, 2008, 11:21 am
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“May wedding invitation tayo,” my mother said to me while I was putting down my umbrella and looking at my poor feet that were wet, soaked on Helen’s water slides. Let’s just say, yeah, I like rainy days, hug-your-pillow days, drool-on-soup days, but not as much as the green bell peppers on my mother’s little garden adore it. And going home from work, walking for less than a half hour from my office to MRT to save my so valued 8 pesos is not really that great to be a hobby. Wffpttt!

“Kanino galing?” I asked her.

“Kay Kuya Jorge.” she replied.

I was so excited to take a peek at the invitation. It’s purple and it’s pink and it’s with little crystals and I blink. <Grin> Dr. Seuss’s into me.

And here they are coming from the vast expanse of a timeless place where silence ruled the outer space.. just utilizing the red-ity carpet-y melodramatic introduction. Ms. Milk and Mr. Coffee and I suddenly want a frappe. 🙂

But the humungous problem lies on the airfare. Sigh.


I was so frantic when Kat told me about the reunion concert of ERASERHEADS! They are scheduled of their one-night only performance on the 30th of August at the CCP Grounds. I am so excited and I just cannot hide it. <JUMPS> I heard the ticket is for free. You just have to register, and that I still need to find out how.

Here are videos of Ely Buendia performing ERASERHEADS songs on his concert in Australia. A former officemate of mine, who is also a ERASERHEADS fan, kindly shared me this YouTube link: http://youtube.com/profile_videos?user=StayDefiant&p=r

And here is the Poorman’s Grave Video:

Bits and pieces of ERASERHEADS history.

“It was in 1989 when four college students from the University of the Philippines decided to merge and form a new group. Bassist Buddy Zabala and guitarist Marcus Adoro of the band Curfew hooked up with guitarist Ely Buendia and drummer Raimund Marasigan of Sunday School with the intention of playing music inside the campus during programs and events.”

“We form a band so we could attract girls sa campus. Hindi kasi kami marunong mag-basketball kaya banda na lang.” <Ely, Buddy, Marcus, Raimund.>

“One particular song that stood out among the earliest materials was the song titled “Pare Ko”—a straightforward ditty about spurned love, laced with obscenities and street-smart lyrics.”

“Ayaw kong kontrahin, e. Ayaw kong pag-isipan. Masyado pang ano, kumbaga, naaalala ko nang lumabas ‘yung Ultra” Ely’s comment on Julie Tearjerky’s success at the Singapore and Indonesian music charts.

“One of the main reasons I decided to help the band record the now legendary Pop-U! was that in the event that they never got a recording contract, I wanted it to serve as permanent proof of the creativity of their youth.” An interview with Robin Rivera, a UP professor who helped the band on its startup years.

“Label reps said the record was not pop enough and unsuited for the airwaves. Upset but still upbeat, the band sarcastically named their demo record Pop-U! as mock response to the “not-pop-enough” comments.”

“And that’s what the ERASERHEADS came to offer. Aside from the straightforward lyrics and catchy tunes, the image of Ely, Buddy, Marcus and Raimund wearing t-shirts, jeans and sneakers held the young listeners captive. With the band’s ruggedness and irreverent attitude, the ERASERHEADS was a breath of fresh air in the midst of well-groomed balladeers and suave crooners. The ERASERHEADS tackled the usual adolescent concerns in their music—campus life, unreciprocated love, friendships, vices and other mundane subjects—with tongue-in-cheek lyrics.”

For the full article, enter on this URL: http://www.gmanews.tv/story/84666/PEPs-Eraserheads-saga-The-making-and-unmaking-of-a-rock-n-roll-dream

And now I say, Mabuhay ang Musikang Pilipino! ROCK ON! 😀

I wonder how.. I wonder why…
July 14, 2008, 12:27 pm
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First, I planned to let mi madre watch Christian the Lion story on YouTube as it is a very touching story.

Then all I know I was watching Lion Sleeps Tonight animation. Funny.

And then now, I am going crazy with this Lemon Tree Animation. Subtitles included, madame. I sent it to a friend to cheer her up. Here it is:

And I dance and dance as I sing, I’m turning my head up and down, I’m turning turning turning turning around and all that I can see is just another lemon tree.. And I wonder.. I wonder..

Oh, no, my brother is watching.. 😀

He is in all languages
July 13, 2008, 1:47 pm
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Browsing through my bookshelf, I found a Book. In its first few pages, I found a verse translated into over a thousand languages. Some of its translation are as follows:


Want so lief het God die wereld gehad, day Hy sy eniggebore Seun gegee het, sodat elkeen wat in Hom glo, niw verlore mag gaan nie, maar die ewige lewe kan he.


Thi saledes elskede Gud verden, at han gav sin Son den enarne, for at enhver, som tror pa ham, ikke skal fortabes, men have evigt liv.

16 in Chinese  (3K)

French (Français)
Car Dieu a tant aimé le monde qu’il a donné son Fils unique, afin que quiconque croit en lui ne périsse point, mais qu’il ait la vie éternelle.


16 in Hebrew  (3K)

Hiligaynon (IBS)


Karna demikian-lah Allah mengasehi isi dunia ini, sa-hingga di-beri-
nya Anak-nya yang tunggal itu, supaya barang siapa yang perchaya
akan dia jangan ia binasa, melainkan beroleh hidup yang kekal.

Porque de tal manera amó Dios al mundo, que dió a su Hijo unigénito, para que todo aquel que cree en él, no perezca, mas tenga vida eterna.


“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.”


Solo Dios Sabe.

The Tomato Tree
July 13, 2008, 7:52 am
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A high school teacher used the tomato tree punishment to scare us off when we, her students, weren’t able to submit on time our assignments for her subject. She used to tell that she would hang us on a tomato tree for not doing what we were supposed to do. If I were a painter like Frida Kahlo, I want to illustrate that, a poor student being hanged on a tomato tree by her teacher, just imagine Coraline‘s other mother with black button eyes and cockroaches popping out of her mouth when she talks in Neil Gaiman’s story as the punisher-teacher. But no, take that thought out of your head as Ms. Padua is a soft-voiced, lenient teacher. When she thought her students were tired of the tomato tree punishment threat, she created a new one. You have an option to put a chicken feather on your head, mimicking the native Indians in America, and do a rain dance. Of course, we took that as a laugh, that it really isn’t a punishment, just a usual jest of hers. And one thing to remember about her, In class, when a student teases a boy to a girl, she had an anecdote, too. I remember she told us her idea of infatuation; that is, it only lasts for three seconds. That is how transient it is.

Standing still, I look at the sky, the clouds and how they move slowly. I imagine myself lying on a grass just staring at the ocean up above, contemplating, as far as I get the clouds to be a flying carpet and take me millions away from all my wee tribulations in life.

I look up on the ceiling from my post in our office and I see an opening. Just to make my usual day extraordinaire, I imagine myself to be Stephen King, changing a scene in my novel It. In lieu of hearing voices in the sinkhole while blood was flowing out off the faucet, a voice coming off on an opening in the ceiling followed by uneasy movements up there will send the heroine to unconsciousness.

I stare instead on the grocer’s ceiling while waiting for my turn in the baggage counter, ignoring the sound of acid drops in my intestines, the smell of cooked meat at the nearby rotisserie store, and getting myself a good grip as I was lost in translation with a daughter talking in Chinese to her mother who were next in line to me. I still remember clearly earlier that day, I checked my account and it just gave me a receipt saying “insufficient funds or funds not available.”

I glared at the huge signages at the grocer, hoping that it will give me a hint which shelf where the pesticide that my mother told me to buy was located. I passed through a queue of large shopping carts in the canned goods section, avoiding bumping into a saleslady offering a free taste with the fear of getting the whole plate. I helplessly eyed at the yogurt on a chiller, hoping to buy one after reading on an e-source that it would take your stress out, reasoning out its nutritional content, which, I dare not thought off anymore at that moment as a war was going on in my belly. I looked through every shelves and I remember young Marjane Satrapi riding a shopping cart, passing through every shelves, while her mother mediated between two women quarreling for an item, each of them stating that she found it first. In Persepolis, a film depicting Iran in the time of war, a life story of Marjane Satrapi, an almost empty grocer was shown. Food was scarce. Each individual was struggling to survive. When Marjane’s parents sent her to France to study, avoiding war, to be a liberal and cultured individual, as her mother wanted her to be, she made going to the grocer as her hobby. In France, there were no empty shelves, no two women quarreling over a can of milk and calling each other a bitch, far from what they had in Iran.

I have a constant fear of that happening in my own country. I put the problem of drought and famine on my shoulder. I forgot my own hunger for a while after recalling a documentary about Filipino children in provinces who were happy just with boiled root crops as their lunch and then frown after eating their share and thinking when their stomach will be filled again, maybe after a day or two. Before, nations are engaging into war to get hold of lands with abundant resources. Now I fear of war triggered by one’s desire to attain the remaining resources. An exaggerated picture of the two women in the grocer shown in Persepolis.

After that thought, I felt the war in my belly has not yet ceased. I was paying at the cashier, and I stared at my wallet containing an amount just enough to pay for the goods and my allowance till the next payday. The woman next to me, opened her purse, then her wallet. Unintentionally, I got a glimpse of my whole month salary in there. I looked away. Then I saw a hand placed on the cashier table a big Pringles can with others snacks. Again, I looked away and gave the few pennies I have to the cashier. I went out of the store, walked as fast as I could to the terminal and comfortably sat on the FX. A couple with their child got inside the car. After fixing their things, the young mother let her son sit on her lap and eat the Shake Shake fries that they bought. I fancied of going out of the car, getting to McDonald’s and buying myself some nuggets. But I just looked at the car’s roof and on the handrail, just at the top of my head, I found a white rosary.  It is innocently staring at me.

On my way home, I stared at the sky, the clouds as they were slowly moving and I thought of the tomato tree punishment. Looking at it, you alone will never be punished. The tomato’s delicate stem will break bearing your weight on it and you will fall on the ground. Emotions make you heavier. Anxiety makes you heavier. Pessimism makes you heavier. Cynicism makes you heavier. Nihilism makes you heavier. You would want to hang on the tomato tree and watch it bear fruits and those fruits turn red than make the tomato lose a stem and you falling on the ground.

Got a Potion to Undo Things?
July 10, 2008, 12:03 pm
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Waahh, Just learned that Lifehouse will be having a concert at the Araneta Coliseum at the end of this month after paying this month’s water bill at SM. Good Lord, I will not be able to watch that. Got no money to buy a ticket. Blame it to the good Samaritan who is in, I guess, an e-load business right now. I just want to enroll him in a You’ve Got Talent show for being sneaky and getting my phone and I on a How to Get Rid of Your Carelessness seminar. And now, I need to feed my piggy bank to buy me a new unit.

Maybe that’s why I’ve been singing You and Me most of the time these past few days. And I will sing it again.

You and me and all of the people
with nothing to do,
nothing to lose.
And it’s you and me and all of the people
and I don’t know why
I can’t keep my eyes off of you.

And I miss one of my best friends, Ayreen. She kindly came with me to see my Brandon last April. I cannot yell at her through text now to say that Lifehouse will be here!!! Miss yo, Taba. 🙂  And to end this post, Waaahhh!!