“The day I was born I was born free and that is my Privilege.”

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June 1, 2008, 9:33 am
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Planning to take hold again of my brother’s guitar, which I quit playing after Eraserhead’s Huwag Mo Nang Itanong sounds monotonous when I strum it, I went to his room to get the instrument. In there, I found the guitar hanging on the wall, acting like a Van Gogh painting. I grabbed the instrument, laid it on my brother’s bed and started looking for those old song mag we have.

I found myself looking at a Music Channel song mag … where music speaks your language!…, which I bought, as far as I remember, because its cover is the Irish pop act discovered by Ronan Keating called Westlife. Yeah, I was a sponge during my high school days, liking what my girlfriends like, not having a concept of what Music really means.

And kudos to my enlightenment!

Now, I eyed the unread article:

“Two years and two million records after the release of “Make Yourself,” we Incubus were hell-bent on the idea of making our next record in an environment that would transcend the confinement and potential banality of the conventional recording process. We needed to continue moving forward with the ideas and adventurousness, which sparked this project into flame so many years ago. Escape that creepy, dentist’s office vibe which seems to permeate every recording studio, and most importantly reinvent the concept of the ‘Studio Tan.’

So, in keeping with those philosophies, we all moved into a magnificent Malibu mansion, set up our gear in the living room what was used here and it was donated by a very generous and talented man by the name of Steve Vai. One late evening, we began conjuring and experimenting with this track and it quickly brought to mind the image and analogy of floating freely down a river; hence the content of the song. Our friend Suzi Katayama, who has in the past worked string arrangements with the likes of Bjork, Madonna and even yours truly for an acoustic performance in L.A., lent her classical finesse to this story. And in doing so helped it become exactly what we envisioned — a song so atmospheric and vibratory, it would make those who listened to it doze off into a land of rivers, kung fu, unicorns, eventually making the listener pee in his/her pants. (Attainable goals I think, but please don’t operate any heavy machinery while listening to this one.)

These are but a few of the songs on a very diverse record. And though they will give a pretty good indication of the climate of this work, I would encourage listening to the entire album preferably while driving down your friendly, neighborhood highway (minus the last song.)

I am sure that we are all aware of how ridiculous the idea of a band biography really is especially one about a band who has accomplished very little in retrosepct. The word in itself, biography, invokes the thought of self importance, large unnecessary adjectives and an 8 by 10 picture showing you all how vain we really are. But it is a necessary evil, for now. And if it in any way, large or small, allows us more time and resource to continue pursuing our idea of eccentricity and tracenDANCE, then I am willing to bend a little. So if you have any questions regarding theraphy, Pirate-Core, tour bus full contact grappling, plastic surgery, who slept with those girlfriend and/or any other inquiries, please don’t hesitate to refer to our website board, where every rumor you hear, read, and/or come up with all by yourself is 100 percent true.”



In the second paragraph, he was referring to the last entry song in their Morning View album, Aqueous Transmission. I luckily saw them perform this song live with Mike Einziger playing an Asian instrument, the name of it I don’t know, in their Pacific Rim Tour concert in Araneta, March 9 of the present year. I was tranced hearing it, as if I am a womyn in Nick Joaquin’s Summer Solstice.

The lyrics I share ahora:

I’m floating down a river,

Oars freed from their looks long ago..

Lying face up on the floor of my vessel

I marvel at the stars.

And feel my heart overflow.

Two weeks without a lover

I am in this boat all alone

Floating down a river named “emotion.”

Will I make it back to shore

Or drift into the unknown?

I’m building an antenna.

Transmissions will be sent when I’m through.

Maybe we’ll meet again further down the river,

and share what we both discovered…

then revel in the view.


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