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January 16, 2008, 5:12 am
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I just received a text message from my friend just this morning. She said that she is falling again for John, the if-you want-to-be-dumbfounded-meet-him officemate of hers. And I ask, why do some women like me and my friend can’t help to make an accused homophobe the apple of their eyes? Pardon me for I can’t think of any euphemism, if you think that I am too harsh. And some reasons out the magic word that begins with an L. And I say, can we just eat chocolates?

All rekindles when John was transferred again on my friend’s side post.

And now I read her text message:

“Huy, inis ako kagabi.. I’m all ears saka atensiyon ko nasa kay John buong shift. Kahit nakatalikod ako sa kaniya, parang may mata ako sa batok. Inis a milyon times although maganda nun d ako tulog sa calls.. Naisip ko pa tuloy, siyet, nahuhulog na naman ata ako..”

And it ends with a sad face.  We share the same fate.  I won’t be saying names. 😉


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cge na, mag namedrop ka na 😛



Comment by kat

wait til he fall…

ah eh..name drop daw… 🙂

Comment by mic

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